5 Skills That Are Part Of A Successful Person's DNA

5 Skills That Are Part Of A Successful Person's DNA

5 Skills That Are Part Of A Successful Person's DNA

It is easy to believe that successful people just fall into some luck and become successful overnight, when the opposite is actually true. Even though success is measured differently by every human being, it is still important to know that it does require the same ingredients across the board.

Those fantasies of sleeping all hours of the day and spending your few waking hours next to a pool with an exotic drink in your hand, will just keep you away from reaching your dreams.

1. Keeping To A Schedule


Although it’s not necessary to wake up at the crack of dawn every day, it’s important that you create enough time every day, to fit in the most important things. Doing all you can today, will make your job so much easier for tomorrow. This being said, it’s important to make time for family and friends as well.

Keeping a schedule will make you accountable and also give you a clear picture of the day ahead. This will also minimize distractions and keep you focused and organized.

2. Knowing When To Ask For Help


Doing everything by yourself may seem like a great idea, but if you’re looking to build an empire, you’re will need a few trusted advisors by your side. Delegating certain responsibilities will free your hands up to do what you do best. It’s important to get the right people for the job.

Those who require constant supervision will be a poor choice for managerial roles, whereas those who are great leaders will not be happy with low responsibility for too long. Choosing the right team also involves a certain amount of trust, especially those who carry great responsibility.

3. Great Timing


Successful people work on multiple projects simultaneously. Their portfolios often consist of many smaller items that make up their net worth, for instance properties or options in businesses.

As with all things in life, there is the possibility that the business might fail or that markets might crash. It’s important for a successful person to not have any emotional ties to a project as sentimentality often leads to losses. Knowing when to sell or close down a project can be the deciding factor between making a profit or loss.

4. Engaging Mentors


Success is not only made up of financial prosperity, but also of leadership, humility and strength. Having a fine balance means engaging mentors who operate in different fields. It’s not uncommon for a top businessman to receive advice on humility from an elderly gentleman, he happens to sit next to on a park bench.

Engaging the wrong mentors can set you on a path of destruction, though. Receiving financial advice from someone who gambles their earnings away is not the same as receiving financial advice from someone who has seen the tougher side of life.

5. Resilience


There is a common thread between those who have made it to the top: failure. Whether they had a tough time at school or failed in business, the only thing that sets the successful people apart from the unsuccessful is resilience.

Keep on going is a phrase that should be used on a daily basis. In Israel, investors very rarely invest in businesses where the owner has not experience loss at least once. This gives them the comfort that the owner is mature and has greater experience. Failure is a virtue and not a vice.

According to Winston Churchill, “success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” The successful person is the one who raises his hand in the class and asks stupid questions or the guy points out the fatal flaws in a process despite being disliked.

The successful person is the lady who walks from door to door selling handmade jewelry, after losing her job. Success is within reach to everyone, it just takes a courageous step forward to claim it.