Better Than OK

Better Than OK

Better Than OK

Start a casual conversation with the any random person on the street, and ask them  how is it going? You will get the generic, vanilla answer, O.K.!

When did we become such a homogenized society that the complexity of emotions we experience can be summed up in the neat and tidy phrase O.K.? O.K. is a pair of initials with a multitude of uses -- not to mention a number of different explanations of how it came to be.

Based on information from the trusty website Wikipedia, it states that OK has multiple usages and as many theories of origin. As an adjective "OK" means "adequate", "acceptable" ("this is OK to send out"), "mediocre" often in contrast to "good" ("the food was OK"); it also functions as an adverb in this sense.

As an interjection, it can denote compliance ("OK, I will do that"), or agreement ("OK, that is fine"). As a verb and noun it means "assent" ("the boss OKed the purchase" and "the boss gave his OK to the purchase").  For our attention, let’s look at the meaning mediocre or adequate.

When we wake in the morning, there should be a zeal for excellence that drives us out of bed and into our day. For too long we have placed out lives on remote control or worse, in the hands of others.

Where did we get this passive agenda that life will somehow work out for us? And if not, things will be O.K. Trust me, you were designed with a master plan that includes being much more than just O.K.!

1. You’re better than O.K. because there’s a passion burning deep within you. You couldn’t turn this off if you wanted to. Why? Because this is what calls you late at night.

This is what pushes you when you are ready to quit. It is wired in your DNA to push the limits, turn the impossible to possibilities and prove all your naysayers wrong.

2. You’re better than O.K. because there are so many depending on your greatness. Have you ever stopped to think of all the people who are viewing your life as an inspiration?

They may never say it, but many are watching you. Not to see you fail, but using your success as a catalyst for their own lives. Don’t let them down by living in the smallness of O.K.

3. You’re better than O.K. because no one average leaves a legacy worth following. Let’s be real, no one writes books or movies about a trip that was just O.K. Average is another way of say you are the best of the bottom. No resistance. No pressure.

Just a passive life of ease while coasting through situations. We follow and admire people who live on the fringe of excitement. Those who dare to seek a better life draw our attention far more than an O.K. individual.

You are left with a choice. You can mentally check out and roll through your best days on auto pilot. Or you can rise to the occasion by smashing the glass ceiling of O.K. and see what life is like on the other side of your comfort zone.

But be warned. When you refuse to make the decision, life has a way of lulling us to sleep and making it for us. If you’re not careful, you will wake up 20 years later and realize you’ve existed, but failed to live. And my friend, you are far better than just O.K.