Importance of Positive Energy in Workplace

Importance of Positive Energy in Workplace

Importance of Positive Energy in Workplace

They say 'Smile and the world smile with you', but did you know that in the workplace, a smile can be just as powerful? It's true! Positive energy has a number of beneficial effects and takes very little effort on your part to maintain.

So put a spring in your step and keep your outlook positive, here are some of the perks that come with bringing a little positive energy with you into the workplace!

1. Reduces Stress

reduce stress

That's right. Keep smiling. Your cup of coffee is half-full. When you are happy, stressful situations have a hard time getting their hooks into you. Negative energy just bounces away. Largely this is because you are RELAXED. Feel casual; focus on how much you are enjoying your day; maybe thinking of that sunrise you saw just this morning when you had that delicious first coffee of the day.

Keep positive. Less stress is only one of the perks. For instance, did you know that positive energy also....

2. Increases Individual Productivity

increases productivity

Ever helped a friend move to a new apartment or house? It's hard work but before you realize it, you are all sitting around inside drinking a cold soda or beer and eating the customary 'Thanks for helping me move' pizza. You realize that you've been working for 8 hours and amazingly, EVERYTHING has been moved. That's because one of the perks of a positive attitude is improved productivity.

When you are unhappy or angry, your work suffers as you tend to obsess with what is upsetting you; but when you are happy and positive, there is almost nothing you cannot accomplish. Keep that in mind.

3. Improves Teamwork

improves teamwork

Remember how easily you worked with your friend when you were helping them move? The same things apply with teamwork. Nurturing a positive attitude when working as a team is a must, as the work that you can accomplish can be increased dramatically.

Having a positive attitude encourages team communication with minimal chances of a coworker taking offense over small miscommunications or stress from a deadline. It creates an environment where each is comfortable in providing their input and collaborating on getting the job done quickly and well.

4. Positively Enhances Decisions

positively enhance decisions

The confidence that comes with a positive outlook can have yet another desired effect. It increases your ability to make good decisions. This is because you aren't afraid to brainstorm with your coworkers or worried that your ideas will be called 'stupid'.

In a positive environment, communication is encouraged and doing your part to keep your own upbeat energy levels can turn a negative environment into a positive one quickly. Do you know why?

5. It's Contagious!


Smiles and laughter spread quickly; It's kind of awe-inspiring. Telling a joke to coworkers or sharing what happened over the weekend with a big, goofy grin is almost guaranteed to make the ones around you share in your positivity. Keep this in mind and be sure to spread those good vibes around the workplace. As you can now see, the benefits are certainly worth it.

We hope that you will take these lessons to heart and give consideration to the extreme importance of positivity in the workplace. It reduces stress and improves your performance. It improves teamwork and positively enhances your decisions. Best of all, it's free and spreads like wildfire with just a little effort on your part. It's easy to try, just make sure that when you get up in the morning and go to work, you don't forget your SMILE.