5 Steps to Stop Being Jealous of Other’s Success

5 Steps to Stop Being Jealous of Other’s Success

 5 Steps to Stop Being Jealous of Other’s Success

Jealousy is an undesignated disease that makes a person hollow from within and gives birth to unceremonious behavior. Jealousy is not an engraved quality of humans that cannot be uprooted. It springs up due to certain societal conditions or belief systems. It’s a fundamental truth that cannot be negated that jealousy is a by-product of comparison and the seed of comparison is sown from the very beginning when a child is exposed to the world out there.

The repercussions of jealousy can be ugly, extreme and lead to self-destruction. You can give a constructive twist to your jealousy by deceiving your negative feeling with your positive gesture; just do the opposite of what you would have done as a jealous person. Here are five steps to stop being jealous of other’s success.

1. Celebrate Other’s Success as Yours

celebrate others success

It’s a beautiful world we have been bestowed with, let’s not fill it with jealousy and make it ugly. The moment you start smiling genuinely at other’s success, your jealousy will vanish in thin air. It takes a beautiful heart to appreciate hard work of others. Even if something pulls you from joining in the jubilation of others, make an effort to reach out to that person with a pure smile. You will feel much lighter and proud of yourself.

2. Stop Comparing

stop comparing

A content soul is the happiest soul. By comparing yourself to others, you only give invitation to sorrow and jealousy. Accept the truth that every individual is unique and your uniqueness is your strength. When you compare yourself with others, you actually limit your growth to the capacity of that person. If you want to rise higher, develop positive gestures instead of being paranoid.

Believe in yourself and let no one tarnish the image you carry in your heart about yourself.

3. Acknowledge Your Shortcomings and Embrace the Truth

accept your shortcomings

The more you focus on the gap between you and successful people, the more you dig the ditch for yourself. To bridge the gap, start acknowledging your shortcomings and focus on overall improvement. Vow to yourself to overcome your weakness. Jealousy could make you weak and may hamper your positive and clear thinking; so, vow to eradicate it completely. It may be difficult but it’s not impossible to overpower jealousy.

4. Meditate and Look Within


We had great preachers who always emphasized that jealousy, greed, and lust are man’s own enemy. Jealousy is the gateway of unhappiness. Meditation is the best medium to kill this enemy. When you meditate, you become the master of your emotions, you get enlightened and start witnessing the whole act your superficial brain has been performing without reacting to it. Meditation keeps negative thoughts at bay and restores the harmony you had lost to jealousy.

5. Develop Love and Compassion for Your Fellow Beings

love and compassion for fellow beings

Have you ever seen a mother getting jealous of her child, or a father getting jealous of his family members? We never feel jealous of the people we love and care about, we feel happy and get elated with their success. Develop the feeling of love and compassion for everyone and you will start cherishing their moment of success and happiness.

The positivity of your compassion will send positive vibes to others and in return, you will receive the same warmth as you show to others. A lit candle can light many candles, the same way a compassionate heart can enlighten many hearts.

For the sake of your and others happiness, stop being jealous of other’s success. You will attract peace if you are at peace. Think positive!