10 Effective Ways to Become a Better Writer

10 Effective Ways to Become a Better Writer

10 Effective Ways to Become a Better Writer

Each and everyone is a writer, and with the blogging on the rise, there’s a huge competition among all the writers which are there. The best way to stand out of the crowd has always been about making your work quality better. Same goes for the writer.

??Some of the effective ways of writing better are:

1. Read

reading book

The best way to improve writing is reading. Reading lets you set a benchmark. You know exactly where you want to reach once you read. Therefore, getting started with quality reading is important.

2. Write


Practice makes one perfect – so writing is important. Whatever you will be writing initially will turn out to be bad; but if you keep up with the practice of writing, you’ll improve both accuracy and speed along with the quality of the content.

3. Edit


It is important to edit your writings. While you edit or proofread, you get to understand the flaws of the write-up much more than if you let it be. Even experienced writers give many edits to the write-up, so for the new or amateur writers, it becomes even more important to edit their work.

4. Peer Review

peer review

Ask your friends and writers in your link to review your work. Ask their honest feedback because sometimes friends tend to sugarcoat everything about you. If they are honest about your work, you’ll get to learn. Take all the criticism and look for ways to improve, that’s the best way forward.

5. Take Breaks

take breaks

It is important to take breaks between your writing. You can’t expect to be writing for long hours, it is a creative expression and best when done in moderation. Also, how you’ll be writing and how fluid your creative juices are, depend on your mood and the situation.

6. Feel the Writing

write with feeling

It is important to feel whatever you’re writing. If you feel what you are going to write, the outcome will be much finer and better. If you’re writing just for the sake of writing, you won’t be able to do much better job of it. People will relate more if you feel what you write.

7. Relax

relax while writing

It is very important to relax while you’re writing. Often tensions, a lack of sleep, forceful writing, et al add to your stress. It is best to relax to be able to write better.

8. Focus on the Idea

focus on idea

Focusing on the original idea which moved you to pick up the typewriter, pen-paper, or the laptop is an important consideration while writing. Without the original idea, your writing will appear hollow, if you’re just trying to fill the words.

9. Write Daily

write daily

Develop a habit of writing daily – however little. Habit and regularity are the things that will eventually improve your writing drastically.

10. Participate in Contests

participate in contests

Plenty of writing contests take place, and it will be a good idea to participate in these contests, be it at any level. Initially, it is important to gauge your level and that can be done by putting your work along with your peers.

Writing is a creative art that requires consistency and clarity. If you do the above things for long enough, you’ll have considerable improvement in your craft and people will respect you for your perseverance.