6 Ways Not to Impress Your Boss

6 Ways Not to Impress Your Boss

6 Ways Not to Impress Your Boss

In any organization, maintaining a good relationship with your boss is important for the growth of your job and career. But spending more time trying to impress him rather than concentrating on your job will ruin your relationship with your chief. A good boss can be your friend, philosopher, and guide. They could also be a good teacher in your life helping build your personality and also professional skills.

Here are 6 ways not to impress your boss

1. Not being Punctual

dont be punctual

If you are not punctual at office, meetings or for appraisals, you are inviting trouble. However talented or efficient you are, a lack of punctuality can hurt your relationship with your boss. It is frustrating for any boss to wait for you to arrive when you should be there ready with the all the preparations and materials. And if you are late in responding to emails, the circle is complete.

2. Claiming More than You can Do

claiming more than you did

If you have the habit of impressing your boss with your previous accomplishments and promise to do something which is beyond your capability, you end up being a loser. Creating an impression is only the first part of any task, being able to fulfill the commitment is really important to your job. Claiming more than you can do or achieve only shows your lack of knowledge about yourself and your capabilities.

3. Never Do Your Homework

never do home work

When you are given a task to accomplish and you fail to do the basic homework, you are not creating a good impression on your boss. For example, if it is about expanding to a new market or territory- if you haven’t collected the basic details about the competitors, market size, products sold etc, you can’t help your boss with any decision making.

4. Indulging in Gossip and Chats

indulge in chats

If you indulge frequently in gossiping with colleagues or chats on social media during work hours, your boss is not going to be happy. It not only kills time but also carries a negative impression about people in your organization. It spoils the good work atmosphere and professionalism. Since you report to your boss, your behavior also has an important bearing on the reputation of your boss in the firm.

5. Dress Casually

dress casually

If your organization follows a dress code, formals during weekdays and casuals only on special occasions, and you come in casuals on work days, it can be embarrassing for your boss, especially in meetings and field visits. On the other hand, if your’s is a creative organization, your boss may be a creative person and put on casual trousers and tees for work but you may be expected to be in formals. Adhere to the dress code set by your company or boss or else invite their displeasure.

6. Not Socializing Enough

be socialize

Every organization thrives on teamwork and collaboration to implement new ideas and vision of the top management. Even if you are an introvert by nature, you need to be proactive in meeting people and discussing issues rather than be confined to your desk and doing something which your boss assigns to you. Not socializing with colleagues can make the task of your boss tougher and hence you will make a poor impression.

Career progression depends on individual capabilities and talents but in the absence of good teamwork along with your boss and colleagues, all your talents may come to naught.