5 Signs that You are Losing Yourself in Love

5 Signs that You are Losing Yourself in Love

5 Signs that You are Losing Yourself in Love

You've been seeing someone for awhile and suddenly there's a spring in your step. Could it be love?! We tend to push our denial to its very limits when we ask ourselves this question.

Take a look at the symptoms and see how well your denial holds up afterwards. Here are 5 signs that you are losing yourself in love!

1. Everything Makes You Think of the Person

thinking about them

You get up to make breakfast. Maybe oatmeal, you think. Then what immediately follows is she HATES oatmeal. It doesn't even stop there. As you are driving to work, you see a girl with a similar haircut and your mind is straight back to the one that you love. Her hair looks just like that, but better, you think to yourself.

Maybe the windshield wipers on the car even remind you of her, as you think of her quickly kissing first your left cheek and then the right. KISS-kiss-KISS-kiss. Since you won't say it, we'll go there first. You, sir, are in love.

2. You Find Yourself Checking Your Phone Every Few Minutes

checking phone often

Taking your phone out again and again to check for messages. Do you do that all the time or just lately? Maybe you should check again. After all, it's been 5 minutes. Maybe you didn't feel that the phone vibrated or your pant's pocket muted out the message chime. It's hard to deny that you care deeply about this person. We know that you don't want to admit it, so here is another thing that you can check for.

3. You'd Walk an Hour to Spend 5 or 10 Minutes With Them

you love to spend time

So, you want to see him but he is working and it's an hour walk away. He DOES have a break coming up at 5:30, however. All of the sudden you get an idea, text him and bring some snacks for a quick picnic in break area outside. Walking home takes another hour and he was a few minutes late coming out, so all you got out of it was a 10-minute picnic together.

The funny thing is, you're thinking about doing it tomorrow too. Who are we kidding? You are DEFINITELY doing it again tomorrow. Admit it, already, you're in love.

4. You are Less Attracted to Other Prospective Mates

less attrcted to other mates

It's summer, everyone is wearing skimpy clothing, and even though extremely attractive people are walking around, you don't even see them as an option. He looks a little like Jack or She looks kinda like Maria. No matter how attractive they are, you only find yourself comparing them at worst (while saying to yourself that your mate looks better) or simply ignoring them like scenery. Are you convinced about what you are feeling?

5. A Part of You is Completely Terrified of this Person

terrified person

This is one of the strongest indicators. This person means so much to you that upsetting them is physically painful for you. You know that they hold your heart and you are afraid they will tire of you or go. You are worried that they might break you. Try not to worry so much. Take some time to appreciate that something can move you so profoundly, even if it also scares you to death.

After all, have you considered that at this point they might feel exactly the same way? Maybe you're both in love, TOGETHER.

Love-deniers, you've read the list, so take a moment and find yourself a nice, shiny mirror to look deeply into. Once you are there, take a good look and admit it. You're losing yourself in LOVE