5 Positive Things to Do after Being Fired from Job

5 Positive Things to Do after Being Fired from Job

5 Positive Things to Do after Being Fired from Job

A job loss can be traumatic for you. Adverse market conditions, recessionary trends, fall in profits, change in business model and disruptive technologies can all make your jobs insecure. One fine day you may be told your services are no longer required. That’s when you experience the shock of your life and grope in the dark about what next to do. Loss of prestige, humiliation, failure, financial stress and career setback will put undue stress on you.

You are not alone; since the onset of financial crisis, more and more people have faced the pink slip and had to start all over again.

Here are five ways to think positive and get back to work after being fired.

1. Vent out Your Emotion

vent your emotion

There is no denying of the shock associated with job loss and you need to vent it our rather than keep it simmering inside. A talk with a friend, counselor, or close family members who can understand your feelings and give support is vital at this juncture. It is better to cry out rather than suppress your emotions. Go for a walk, jogging, do meditation rather than couched inside your room shying away from people.

2. Analyse What Went Wrong

analyse what went wrong

When you leave the organization, emotions may have an upper hand and so you are not able to analyze what happened in the next few days. You need to calm down and analyze what went wrong- was it your recent performance, or that sour relationship with a team leader, adverse market conditions or a loss of a contract for the company. If it relates to your performance or relationship with peers, try to learn from it.

3. Ask for help

get help from professonals

There is no point brooding over what happened and remaining sad or depressed for a long period of time. You need to shake out and find out the next best opportunity available. You also need to take care of your finances, so seek whatever benefits are due from your previous organization. Talk to friends and close associates seeking info on urgent job openings they know- some may not be advertised online or on newspapers. Don’t feel ashamed, you must tap on your network for help.

4. Go For the Next Available Opportunity

go for next available opportunity

When you are jobless, you don’t have the time to choose or wait as you can’t structure your time when you have nothing to do. Also, financial pressures can put additional stress on you. Therefore, grab the job immediately available, even if you are settling for lower position or pay. The more number of days you remain jobless, the more you lose your bargaining power later on. Also, take this opportunity to learn some short courses to upskill – it will prove useful when the next best opportunity arises.

5. Go out and Meet Positive Minded People

meet positive minded people

If you remain closed in your room, no opportunity will emerge. Go out and meet positive people, do voluntary acts of kindness. The more you come into contact with people, the more likely that you will stumble across a new opportunity even if it is part-time or contractual.

Unemployment can cause distress not only to you but your family members and dependents as well. You must remember that great businessmen like Steve Jobs were also fired without notice from the organization they founded. Getting fired from a job is also an opportunity to think of going independent or starting out a small business if there are enough savings to bank upon. In the long run, being a business owner brings more stability to your income than being a worker.