6 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

6 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

6 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Yes, we’ve all been there and we’ve had those moments where we just don't feel like writing even a single paragraph of your working novel, start that article or create a new logo design for the client and the works. In short, you just don't have enough gas to fuel up your creative mind.

It’s difficult, going through a creative block, especially when the deadline’s peeping out from behind the corner. What’s even more frustrating is staring at a blank document, staring at the cursor waiting for a miracle to tickle your mind, ignite some ideas, and start working your magic.

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You first think it’s nothing but a phase, only to find yourself in the same conundrum two or three weeks later. This is where everything just falls out of place. But the best of writers, artists, photographers, and the works, find unique and even weird ways to ignite their creativity. Here are a few you can try:

1. Spice up Your Routine

Routines need not have to be the same every single day for the rest of your life. Those aren’t permanent; it just happens to be a habit. Imagine doing the exact same thing everyday- it definitely would hamper your creative mind.

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Routines are limiting, even to your creativity’s extent. Instead of going straight to work in the mornings, try waking up extra early and do circuit training at home for 30 minutes. Instead of using the computer to write your agenda for the day, jot it down on pen and paper. Go outside, work in a cafe instead of in the office. Don't box yourself with the usual; breaking your routine allows inspiration and ideas to flow.

2. Break a Sweat

Your mind is stressed and burned out, and the same goes for your physical health. A perfect solution? Go out and work your body. You’ve been using your head so much that you forgot to exercise your body.

break a swaet

In the morning or after work, go for a run or go to the gym. Not only will your physique thank you for it but your mind as well. Exercises release endorphins. In simple words, endorphins make your brain extremely happy and pumped up. In other words, exercise and keeping your whole well-being taken care of keeps your blood, productivity levels, and creative juices flowing.

3. Do Something Different

Again, much like with your daily routine, do something different each day that would stimulate your mind—shake things up! In this day and age, we’re used to relying on our mobile phones or computers to stir our mind.

do something different

Give yourself a break from your gadgets; have a social media detox or anything of some sort. While you’re at it, go people watching outside. Never been to a museum? Take a day off and visit one. Aside from this, set some weird rule that will change the game. Have you always been a minimalist in terms of design? Go maximalist this time. Mix things up. This will get your mind thinking both in and out of the box.

4. Get up and Walk

Don't underestimate the power of taking a 15-minute break from work, going outside and just roaming around the building or streets. Bringing yourself to different surroundings every once in a while allows you in a way, to find fresh ideas.

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Think about it. You’re seated 8 long hours each day, 5 times a week. You’re view is the same: the office and your computer. How will you generate new ideas if that’s how it is everyday? To get your creative juices flowing, keep moving.

5. Look after Your Health

By looking after your health, we mean not just exercising, but also getting the right and sufficient nutrition your body needs. Are you eating healthy food? Are you eating the amount of nutrition you need (that means not just caffeine and fast food)?

look after health

Hydrate, exercise, and feed your body right. These are what helps your mind and body function and stay active.

6. Put Some Music on

?music for creativity

Music wakes our mind and soul, of course, depending on your preference. Some people choose to listen to trance music or their favorite artist’s album, while others resort to ambient noise at a moderate level. No matter your preference, music opens up new doors to look for ideas.

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