How to Improve your Job Security

How to Improve your Job Security

How to Improve your Job Security

Getting that dream job and then maintaining it for long is very challenging in the era of downsizing where every organization focuses on Rightsizing.

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In today’s highly competitive and performance based work culture, every employee always has a fear of job loss. The employee has to give good performance every day. He needs to maintain a professional and cordial attitude with team members at work. It’s important to take keen interest in one’s job and company goals as well. Though layoffs are very common there are certain ways to minimize or diminished your chances of termination from your company.

Make yourself indispensable

1. Be Ahead in Team

ahead in teamTo survive in today’s cut throat competition; one has to keep oneself constantly updated, learn new technical skills, enroll to a leadership development programs and attend various training programs. Make your presence felt in an organization. Greet people around you and take interest in knowing them. By this way they will also know about you and your personality. Be a team player. Help your team mates if they are facing difficulties in doing job, help them to bring out best in them. Display leadership qualities in time of crisis; take initiative and monitor you team.

2. Show Leadership Skills

leadership jobLearn skills which your team mates lack. Take additional efforts to acquire new knowledge and skill sets which will set you apart from your team. Exhibit positivity. In times of crisis, it’s very common to get in negative thinking mode. You fear your or organization loss. In this scenario it’s very important to stay positive and use all that energy on the task.

3. Life Beyond Office

life beyond officeHave a life outside work: Along with work it’s very good to take active participation in your interests, hobbies and passions. Expertise in other areas can be helpful in bringing more to organization. Think about the organization first then about yourself, this attitude assures your manager that you are interested in company’s growth.

4. Be Accountable

be accountableWe all tend to make mistakes so it’s very usual in organizational setups. The important thing is to learn from those mistakes. Take responsibility of your actions and correct them. The person who accepts his mistakes is considered as more valuable to company than the one who denies that. Networking with people from your area of work is very important to remain in the loop and being visible. Share your knowledge and experiences with your team which will help them to gain expertise in their job. Your contribution to the development of your team will be considered as value addition to the group knowledge base.

5. Be Brave

be braveIn difficult situations, many people will try to look for options. But if you stick with your company in tough period, your loyalty will surely be rewarded. Be ready to take new challenges. Your willingness to take on difficult challenges will help you in learning process also you will be given first consideration when new challenges come to the organization. Some part of your job is very mundane and monotonous and you find them boring. But remember to complete it with full zeal and energy as it adds to your confidence.

Always give your best to your job and organization. If you are super performer, you have good work habits, you are a good team and you are continuous learner no company can think of asking you out. In fact you will be considered as valuable asset to the organization.