Praising Children at Being Clever is Smart

Praising Children at Being Clever is Smart

Praising Children at Being Clever is Smart

Parents praise their kids for excellence in school and for their other achievements. A decade ago parenting style was very different. Parents were strict and would hardly praise the kids. But now parents are generous with their praise. Praising  makes the kid more confident, motivated and happy.


If your child makes a craft work and shows it to you, give the child the necessary attention. A few words of praise will do wonders for your child. This type of praising also builds a healthy self-esteem in the children.

Here are some ways through which you can praise your children and make clever.

1. Encourage New Activities


Praise your children if they learn to button their shirt, ride a cycle, put on their shoes themselves, comb their hair, etc. The smallest of achievement when accompanied with praise  encourages them to learn more new things in life. They know they will be appreciated and this encourages them to work hard.

2. Be Honest


Praising should be honest, even your youngest  kids can differeniate beween false and genuine praise. If the child feels that you are not genuine in your praise, he may not believe you, lose her/his self-confidence and may feel insecure. For example, while playing table tennis, if your kid has not played well and if you still praise your kid, it fails to serve a purpose. Be honest in your praise as the child realises whether he derserves to be praised or not.

3. Share the Kids Achievement with the Family Members

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Whenever your kid achieves anything or learns new things, then share it with your family members. Remember your kid should also be present when you speak about her/his achievement. This is an effective way of praising and motivating the child. It helps greatly in building his self-confidence.

4. Be Specific

be specific

Just glancing at your child's drawing and complimenting her/him will serve no purpose. Look at the drawing in detail, comment and discuss with the kid about the color, the combinations, the idea, etc and provide a proper feedback. Your kid will feel proud and happy at your involvement. 

But remember overpraising a child will diminish her/his talent and creativity. Parents should praise their kids in a right way and consciously as there is a fine line between proper praising and over praising.

Happy Parenting!