5 Reasons Why Success is Important to Us

5 Reasons Why Success is Important to Us

5 Reasons Why Success is Important to Us

Success is what drives us forward, it is something we all seek, something which if we fail to achieve, it can be quite devastating. Success is incredibly important to each of us, but why is it though?

Here are 5 reasons why success is so important to us.

1. Link to The Past

link to past

Humanity has a collective memory of past events and though we may not always be aware of it, those memories are what drive us to do certain things. They drive us to feel a certain way about a certain thing. Tens of thousands of years ago, humans lived in small hunting groups and there were only two options- succeed (find food) or die. Fast forward to today, our brains still take success and failure as life or death and that is one major factor why it is so important to us as a species.

2. Hopes and Dreams

hopes and dreams

We all see ourselves somewhere in the distant future; we all have goals, dreams and aspirations. Success means achieving those goals; it means that you can get what you've always wanted. And in a way, being successful is realizing your goals and aspirations; that's why it is so important.

3. Possible Outcomes

possible outcomes

Success is so important for us because we are opened up to new paths possibilities. Success is so important to us because it drives progress; being successful makes you want to do more, to proggress more, and therefore, the world progresses as well.

4. Fear of Failure

fear of failure effects

Success plays a major role in each of our lives because the other option, failure, is always a looming threat. We always want to be successful because failure is such a scary thing. Failure could lead to losing reputation among others, it could lead to missed opportunities, it could lead to so much more as well. So it is only logical that we want to avoid it all costs and therefore, it makes success much more important to us.

5. It Feels Good

success is good

When you succeed, your brain triggers a surge of dopamine, the pleasure chemicals of the body; this makes you feel warm, happy and ready to face whatever challenges life is about to throw at you. We want to succeed because of the rush that it brings to us, the joy of being noticed and adored, the feeling of euphoria when your name is engraved on a plaque as millions cheer you on. Success makes us feel happy, and achieving happiness is the ulitmate goal of our lives.

Success is a matter of how hard you work, or in some cases, how lucky you are. It drives athletes to go beyond their own limits, it drives scientists to spend countless hours on an experiment, it drives businessmen to come up with something fresh and innovative. Success is what moves us all forward, it is a common fuel of humanity. Success was important to us in the past, it is important to us now, and it will be important to us all for a long time in the foreseeable future.