Journey Is As Important As The Goal

Journey Is As Important As The Goal

Journey Is As Important As The Goal

The mysterious answer to the penultimate question of what does one want always draws a rather foggy depiction of what we persevere to achieve? Is it happiness we crave, or money or something else? It differs, from individual to individual with changing perceptions but the question remains the same. What do you want? So focused are we upon the ‘what of the premise that we completely neglect the quintessential fundamentality of how’. Thus, the correct question that should eventually be raised must be ‘Is the journey as important as the goal?’

Goal – The Necessary Devil


Change is the only constant and in our case its evolution, but over the years people have failed to evolve the concept of goal. Even today it is being defined as something an individual wants to either achieve or possess making it a necessary devil in today’s era. But beyond our freckled imagination lies a rather holistic and celestial meaning to the existence of this four lettered word. A goal is something that brings out the best in you. It is a tool to display your potential and showcase your individuality. More than an object it is a concept, a concept which instills perseverance, determination, motivation and confidence in an individual.   

Journey – The Pathway of Exploration

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‘What ye seek ye shalt find’ deemed the almighty. When you seek, you persevere and when you persevere you attain. Once you know what your goal is the next thing is to understand the road leading towards it. Ablaze not only with rays of hope but also engulfed by darkness of woes. A road surrounded by the fields of opportunity and construed by a gravel of challenges. This road explores every aspect of your personality; it shapes your mind and carves your soul. But more importantly it helps you witness what you are made of.

Milestones – The Markers of Journey

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While trudging a road leading towards your destiny you come across certain moments. These moments become an eternal remembrance even post the completion of your journey. These moments are the milestones of your journey. They are like the frames of a movie forming up the best and the worst parts of your journey. They serve as the learning instruments for excellence and experience. Like a teacher they teach us those essential lessons of life. They motivate us to strive more, inspire us to never give up, praise us on our success and punish us when we stray from the right path.

Have you ever figured out a reason for why we repeatedly watch the same movie despite of knowing the end? Why do we watch highlights of a sports game even though the outcome is already known? The answer is simple. We do it because it is not the end that is important rather it is the journey which is. All of this leads to one common conclusion, one which is rather fascinating and vital that the journey is as important as the goal.