Ill Effects of Being too Conscientious

Ill Effects of Being too Conscientious

Ill Effects of Being too Conscientious

Conscientiousness is described as doing a job as per the required method, in the given time, and being impeccable at most times. It is one of the five biggest traits which are considered essential for the success of any human. The other four big traits are:

  • Extraversion
  • Emotional Stability
  • Openness
  • Agreeableness

Conscientiousness is among the most important traits which encompass almost every classic quality needed in a successful person. As an attitude, conscientiousness deals with thoroughness, carefulness, and vigilance.

So does this perfect personality trait have any dark side? Are there any ill effects of this perfect quality? As per the psychologists, anything in its extreme is a psychological or personality disorder. Conscientiousness is no different.

When on the limits of being conscientious, one may have the following issues with their personalities and being:

1. Workaholic


While being a workaholic isn’t bad, it is actually detrimental to a quality social and personal life. The family suffers from a workaholic person because the person isn’t present at most of the important times. They tend to give more importance to any profitable work than to personal time spending and fulfilment.

2. Compulsiveness

Compulsiveness is another extreme of being conscientious. It forces you to behave out of the ordinary and be hassled by tiniest of the issues. The overall patience level with others around goes very low. They get worked up on minor problems and become uneasy to work when they expect perfection from everyone around. But unfortunately, humans aren’t perfect.

3. Perfectionism


Again, perfectionism isn’t bad. It is, in fact, a beautiful habit to overdo and break the limitations. However, in extreme cases, it can lead to similar issues as compulsive behaviours and therefore is required to be kept in check.

4. Pedantry

In extreme cases, the conscientious people get bound by methods and routines. It is a good habit, but when they lose the ability to be open and flexible as per the current needs, it causes issues.

5. Micro-Management

micro management

There may be the problem of micro-managing everything if the person is employed as a team leader, manager, or supervisor.

6. Loss of Quick Thinking

They may lose quick thinking and prioritisation abilities, and may lose valuable time in tasks that need to be finished quickly.

7. Time Wastage

long working hours

Since they follow a strict routine, they’re unable to finish simpler tasks quickly. They take painstakingly long time with their processes and routines.

Conscientiousness is among the finest traits that one can have. However, it’s important not to overdo it, and manage it to keep flexibility and quick thinking abilities, along with using the brain properly. One must not allow any trait to become an obsession, which will then come and haunt them in various ways. Conscientious people make the best employees, when they keep everything in check and don’t overdo anything.