How to Stop Being Self Conscious

How to Stop Being Self Conscious

How to Stop Being Self Conscious

Being self conscious is a sort of a battle that a person keeps on fighting with his or her own self. A person is always in a dilemma about what others will think or say about you. This mentality makes a person shy, nervous and uncomfortable. It is just a preoccupation of oneself.

Self Conscious Issues

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There are numerous issues regarding self consciousness. It is that state where your focus is on your appearance, your actions, what others will think about you. Your ego is in some or the other way involved. There is a desire to please everyone or an urge to meet the expectations of others so as to be up to their standards.

To maintain this, you get nervous and feel uncomfortable and sometimes go out of the way and try to do which is not in your nature. Somewhere you also tend to start losing your own identity.

Self Conscious About your Body

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As appearance matters a lot these days. One is always conscious about his or her body. Your figure is the cause of self consciousness. If you are healthy or too slim, you start perceiving what will people say or think about you. This feeling can make you an introvert, and you might stop going for outings or meeting with friends.

Instead of being self conscious of your body, take steps to overcome your weakness by joining gym or exercising or face the reality, and carry yourself confidently, without keeping in mind what your figure looks like and stop being self conscious of your body.

Shifting your Attention

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Divert your attention from yourself as the biggest component of self consciousness is that the attention is focused on yourself only. Diverting your attention is another way to eradicate your consciousness. Shifting your attention towards the environment, or other people will make you feel relaxed. Instead of contemplating, be compatible and cooperative. So shifting your focus will slowly make you get rid away of your self consciousness.

Changing your Perception

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Try to change your self- image and thinking. Because people who are self-conscious, they at some level think, that they are not good enough, or not liked by others. This makes them very conscious about their mistakes in society and they focus too much on themselves. Change your perception and feel okay, even, if some people do not want to link with you. This way you will not focus on yourself, and you will not feel self conscious.

Apart from self help stuff, there are psychological tools also that work incredibly fast to help you overcome self consciousness.

Stop Agreeing with your Negative Thoughts

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Accept your emotions and thoughts as they are. This will help you gain wisdom and understanding of your ability to overcome your negative thoughts. It will help you to get along with everyone in family as well as in society. Do not agree with the negative thoughts going on in your mind as we become self conscious that others might confirm our negative thoughts so just give your brain a ‘mental shrug’.

Remember that people do not think about others so much as we think about ourselves and become self conscious.

Self consciousness can curb our ability to express ourselves, and enjoy the present moment as we keep on thinking what someone else is thinking. It disconnects us with our personal experiences and contemplates on the criticism and views of others taking it personally and seriously. So it is better to care less how others perceive you.