Growing Through your Fears

Fear is not your enemy. It is a compass pointing you to the areas where you need to grow ~ Steve Pavlina

  • Overcome Fear of Failure
  • Overcoming Fear
  • 1. The search for courage has been an ongoing quest for me, one that is often halted by my fears. As I push forward, growing through the difficult seasons I find myself eager to discover the bravery it takes to embrace my flaws and accept myself, as I trust others to. 
  • 2. Finding the courage vital to ignite my course began when I unraveled the veil which doubt had shadowed. The gentle tugs of uneasy stirred a longing for more, allowing me to awaken the bravery within and step beyond the trepidation that once trapped me.
  • 3. The proportion of bravery can be a simple expedition for something new or the teeth chattering angst of greater things, depending markedly on the events before us. It was time to step out from the blanket that sheathed me and gain the substance necessary to leap further.
  • 4. Often courage is cultivated from misfortunes that have descended upon our lives, detouring our discovery of spirit by creating unwanted turmoil we must untangle.
  • 5. Many crossroads altered my journey and added to the ambiguity augmenting my fear. The agonizing loss of my son, father, and brother left me with the anguish of the unknown, and a bitter fury of unhappy endings.
  • 6. Betrayed in hospital chapels, praying for the joyous outcomes that never arrived instilled more worry in my future and defeated the bravery I was in search of. 
  • 7. Creating blinders to camouflage the pain, I masked the injuries to my heart until the dysfunction broke my confidence and depleted my soul.
  • 8. Exhausted from grief, I knew I must continue seeking courage. Daring myself to lean into those fears and embrace the powers they influence. Finding happiness required a heart with the audacity to be exposed and the determination to get back up after being knocked down.
  • 9. The challenge to run twelve half marathons appeared in 2012 and still fills me with pride. Discovering the strength I posses by testing my courage mentally, physically and emotionally throughout the course of a year was the catalyst for change I needed.
  • 10. Determined to unravel the discord I felt from grief, this pilgrimage for change offered opportunity for improvement, while traveling from Ohio to California and cities in between. Bringing the necessary shift to my mindset as it pushed me towards my goal.
  • 11. That voyage inward to untangle my heart became a necessary maneuver to salvage what I had lost, and find the love that still remained. Bounding through the ebb and flow of life brought about change.
  • 12. Like the races that filled my life with purpose, I continued, stumbling over obstacles on my path, each stride generating the ability to find strength and forage on, with every season propelling me towards another search for bravery. 
  • 13. The glistening still warms my heart from the courage found when I needed it most, and collected amongst those memories are the medals that say I did it.
  • 14.  will always maintain the curiosity that craves fearlessness, carrying the knowledge and support of my family and friends who continue to nudge me out to try again, while reminding me there is a soft place to land when I return.

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