Hurdles to Being Successful

Estee Lauder said- “I never dreamed about my success, I worked for it”.

Fortitude and perseverance can conquer the world. These are prevailing qualities that set apart a successful person from the commoners.  The path to success is strewn with obstacles, but none that cannot be overcome. As the popular saying goes- “courage is not about not falling, but rising after every fall”. Similarly failure is the stepping stone to success. Learn to fail only to succeed the next time. When we accept defeat is when we close all avenues of success. Losing a few battles is a step to winning the war. At the same time remember that not all outcomes are favourable. Some battles are not worth fighting, don’t waste your energy and time over them.

Hurdles to Being Successful

The ‘mantra to success’ comprises the 5 ‘S’; struggle- survive-sustain-strive and finally SUCCESS.

“In order to success, we must first believe that we can”- Nikos Kazantakiz

Your success is in your hands. Plan and work on your plan – do the right thing at the right time- that is the key to smart and result-oriented approach. It never goes wrong. 

Positivity generates positivity. The same maybe said for negativity. It is vital that you set your goals and focus on them.  Negativity will always keep you from being successful. Avoid it like the plague, in the sense, stay away from negative people and do not foster negativity. You cannot succeed by pulling someone down.  Success is again a relative term, and for each of us it means a different achievement. Define your own success, and the story will weave itself!

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