Seven Bad Reasons To Settle For Less Than Your Dreams

Seven Bad Reasons To Settle For Less Than Your Dreams

Seven Bad Reasons To Settle For Less Than Your Dreams

Dreams are meant to be chased.

“Dreams are not what you see when you are asleep, Dreams are what do not let you sleep.” ---Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

It is really very tragic if you do not have any aspirations in life. If you settle for less than your goals, it can lead to negative vibes in life and discontentment. Never settle for anything less than your dreams and what you deserve.

Here are seven reasons why you should always pursue your dreams and never give up.

“What Ifs” Haunt you All your Life


Regardless of your goals, settling for less than your dreams would always leave “What ifs” in your life. You would always wonder about the direction that your life would have taken if you would have pursued your dreams. That regret of not fulfilling your dreams would be indelibly fixed at the back of your mind. Your future would be full of questions, regrets and opportunities that you let go of.

You would Never Believe in Yourself


Anyone who settles for less than his dreams would never have faith on his skills. He or she would suffer from inferiority complex and gradually end up losing the ability of making up mind correctly.

Your Real Potential would Always Stay Hidden

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If you never step out of your comfort zone, you would never be able to turn your dreams into reality. As a result, your actual capability would always remain concealed within you. Take that leap of faith and chase your dreams. You never know when a miracle will happen in your life.

You would Always Fear Taking on New Challenges


Facing challenges takes courage. If you settle for less, you would always perceive the risk of failure rather than the favorable consequences of taking up the challenge.

Eventually, you would Not Feel Passionate about Anything in Life


You would no longer feel passionate about anything if you sacrifice your dreams. As a result, life would get mundane and there would be no excitement left in life.

It would Become a Habit to Settle for Less 


Once you settle for less than your dreams, it would become a habit for you. You would be a victim of that habit even in your personal life. As a result, it would lead to turbulence in your relationships. Settling for lesser aspirations than your dreams would cause unhappiness and eventually the contagiousness of this habit would enter all walks of your life.

Everyone has to make certain compromises in life. Every time when we do not accomplish our goals, we have to settle for less than our dreams. At the first look, it seems to be the simplest way to face a situation. However, in the long run, it would prove to be a really bad decision. Quitting is not an option with dreams. You have to chase them till the last breath and put in your best to achieve them.