Top 5 Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs Rock

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs Rock

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs Rock

With the changing times, the role of women in every field has changed largely. Whether it is sports, movies, business or any other field, women entrepreneurs have played a significant role in how things have progressed over the years. However, there have been a number of myths attached to how women entrepreneurs operate business.

The best example available is from the MBA class of the Wharton school in the U.S., which had almost 50 percent women.After the completion of the course, more than 8% of them became entrepreneurs setting up their own businesses.

Here are our top five reasons why Women entrepreneurs’ rock:

1. Women are Calculative Risk Takers


If you are talking about women entrepreneurs, a big stereotype usually attached to the governance is the lack of courage to undertake risks. On the contrary, a recent research proves that the women entrepreneurs are more viable to take calculative risks. This means that they take chances after weighing the pros and cons. According to the book Vital Voices written by Alyse Nelson, there are certain reasons which make women gauge risk better than men. Women aim at making transformative risk by taking decisions to improve the lives of others. They take decisions under the radar analyzing the impact of the decision.

2. Women are Better Connectors


Women have strong networking skills, despite born soft hearted and balanced in nature. Women entrepreneurs connect better with different kinds of people. On the family front women also have to deal with different people having different temperaments, enabling them to tackle different kinds of clients. A stronger networking will result in better connections and availability of more resources and opportunities, making it smoother to run the business.

3. Women are Intuitive


Women entrepreneurs are more intuitive according to a research done by the British Journal of Psychology. The study states that a woman’s brain makes decisions based on experiences and external cues as compared to logic. A strong intuition plays an important role in the success and failure of any business organization.Hence, women entrepreneurs offer right direction to the business. After all, ‘woman's intuition’ is a famous phrase for good reasons.

4. Obsessed with Relationships


Women entrepreneurs are obsessed with maintaining cordial relationships.  According to a study undertaken by the Wharton School, women entrepreneurs aim at building relationship with their co-workers, employees, vendors, developers, and anyone else with whom they work.Women look for building long-term relationships rather than momentary or transactional ones. Women Entrepreneurs take their employees as a team and  not just people working for them. This close-knit feeling helps in improving the efficiency of employees.

5. Focus On Work Life Balance


Women entrepreneurs understand the balance between a career and a balanced family life like no other, making them more empathetic towards the needs of the employees and co-workers.They understand that along with commitment towards the company, an employee’s performance can be improved by offering a balanced life outside the office. A happy employee and co-worker relate to better productivity and profits.The world is now seeing the emergence of more and more women entrepreneurs who are successfully transforming the way businesses operate.