10 Steps to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

10 Steps to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

10 Steps to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

What were your dreams when you were a kid? What was that ONE big dream you had? The thing you spent all your time thinking and day dreaming about! To become a firefighter? A ballerina? To be the vet who saves every animal? Or you dreamt of having a house full of children and family? Well, with the right attitude, your dreams can come true.

As life goes on, our dreams change shape and form. For some, they stay the same. For some, they fade and are replaced with fresh dreams. And for some, they become reality! One thing is certain though. No dreams come true just like that! For those who seem to so easily achieve all their dreams and goals, there has definitely been hard work, intention and a plan behind it.

1. Go after your Dream!

go after your dream

The difference of living a life where you’re often, or at least most of the time, frustrated, versus a life of fulfillment, accomplishment and pride, it’s like comparing garbage to gold. Living a life of garbage, or living a life of gold. One sounds way more attractive!

“I always wonder why so many let their dreams be just dreams. Why do they not try and go after them? Don’t they want them to come true?”

Someone said that the richest place on earth is the cemetery, because of all the unfulfilled dreams that were buried there. All those people who died with their talent unexploited, unexplored ideas, perhaps the cure to cancer or a voice that can stop wars. It is so sad…

2. Drop the Excuses!

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This is not rocket science, nor a new idea, just a fact; most people don’t even make an attempt at going after their dreams because of… EXCUSES! And some installed mis-beliefs. The time is not right, too late, too soon, the circumstances and details are not ideal, don’t have the time, having too many obligations, not having the right tools, not sure you’d succeed anyway, someone else is probably better, can’t afford it, too busy being a parent… The list is long.

By making excuses or thinking that you’re not good enough will only guarantee one thing: that your dream remains a dream, and will never transform into reality.

3. Small Steps will Get you There!

small steps will get you there

Five years ago, one of my dreams was to write a book. To put a book in my book-shelf with MY name on it! But it was just a dream. Though I longed for it to turn into reality, I felt that it will never be so because of my mis-belief that only famous or extremely talented people write books, sort of. Another dream was to write articles that would touch and inspire people to be their best.

These are just two examples of many that have transformed from being “just” a dream, to becoming my reality. And I am so happy about it, grateful and proud! Also, I’m amazed at how easy it is to transform a dream into something real. Not at all as impossible as one might think.

10 Steps to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

I’m going to share with you my bullet proof formula for turning dreams into reality. As with any good advice, this will do NOTHING for you if you don’t apply it and take action. And if you do – dreams will come true!

  • Pick ONE! What is the one dream you would like to see come true? We can’t do it all at once. By focusing on one goal, our chances of succeeding increase drastically.
  • Drop the excuses! Don’t just put them aside or in a drawer. Flush them down the drain. Start with “I’m not good enough”.
  • Make a plan! Break down the big picture into smaller projects and see how you can get closer to your dream by following your plan. What can you start doing? What do you need to stop doing? Be detailed! Have a general plan, on all levels: financial, business, health, general, emotional, family, activities, etc. Break it down into a monthly structure, a weekly and even a daily list of things you can/must/need to do to reach your goal.
  • Take action! This is the game changer. The one thing that will actually start changing things. The more effort, attention and repetition you put into your action, the bigger the change. Take five swings with an axe at a large tree every day. No matter how big the tree, eventually it will fall.
  • Keep taking action! If or “when”, you feel you’re not getting anywhere, don’t forget that it’s persistence that will get you to your final destination. Just keep on going.
  • Follow up! Know your plan, check your evolution. Are you on track? Are you doing the right thing the right way? Is it getting you closer to the target? Do you need to change, add, increase or learn something new in order to get there?
  • Get help! Ask support from those who have already succeeded in the field you are aiming at. They can help you speed up the process and shorten the distance to the dream. Most of the time, people want to help!
  • Share your dream with someone you trust. Getting support and engagement, from your partner, a very good friend or your coach will prove helpful. Sharing makes your dreams more real. With more effort, your dreams will get closer to reality.
  • Stay focused! Keep your goal in mind at all times. Know why you want it! Express it on a dream board, write it down. Visualize your dream. Feel it!
  • Celebrate! Each step that is taken, each little win and achievement is worth its share. Make sure you acknowledge your effort and take a moment to at least enjoy your win.

You can do it! If you really want… Go catch your dream!