Five Reasons Why Using Your Vacation Days Improves Your Work Performance

Five Reasons Why Using Your Vacation Days Improves Your Work Performance

Five Reasons Why Using Your Vacation Days Improves Your Work Performance

We’ve all heard that familiar adage in our childhood about a boy named Jack who ends up being a really dull person because he always works and doesn’t find the time to do leisurely activities. And there’s a considerable amount of truth to this maxim because people who are workaholics often forget that having a life outside of the office is very important and helps them to become well-rounded individuals. In fact, taking a break from work every once in a while could actually even improve the way people perform at their jobs.

Those who are persistently career-minded might be skeptical about this kind of thing, but there’s no denying the facts. Multiple studies from various research groups have shown that people who take vacations or breaks from work are actually much more successful and productive with their respective careers compared to those professionals who always toil away at their workplaces and never use their vacation days. Furthermore, people who go on vacation are always the people in the office who are never accused of being dull.


So if you happen to be one of those people who works hard but never goes out of their way to relax and take a break from their career responsibilities, then you’re in luck! This handy guide will let you know exactly why taking a holiday from work could spell out a brighter future ahead of you. And if you’re an ambitious working professional who desires to climb higher up the career ladder, then you definitely need to take notes on this matter. Look to the pieces of advice listed below to let you break away from work and enjoy your vacation.

You’ll get inspired by traveling

Even if you genuinely love your job and developed close friendships with your colleagues, it’s very unlikely that you’ll find sources of inspiration within your workplace. Going on a vacation is the perfect way for you to find positive inspiration, especially if you’ve recently stumbled on a road block that made you feel unmotivated with your career. When you’re not feeling that motivational spark at work, then all you need to do is to take a break in order to reignite the flames and get you back into that comfortable headspace.


Requesting for a vacation leave is your right as an employee since you need to have this stable balance of life and work. Remember, working too hard will have a negative impact on your personal life, and you don’t want that kind of outcome to happen. And don’t waste your vacation leave just staying at home; you need to get out and explore the world! There’s so much incredible things out there waiting for you to discover, and such things could very well be useful when you’re ready to go back to work.

Your health will be improved

Most office jobs tend to make people live sedentary lives, and too much of this kind of lifestyle could lead to serious health problems. Some people might end up having bad posture due to not sitting properly in front of their workstations, or perhaps feeling a sense of energy imbalance because they end up drinking too much coffee at work and getting very little sleep when they go home. Taking a vacation leave is a great chance for you to focus on your health and turn it around for the better.


Furthermore, temporarily staying away from the confines of your office space—enclosed centralized airconditioned rooms with harsh artificial lighting—is recommended since people need to be exposed to fresh air and natural sunlight in order for their bodies to function properly. When you’ve taken a few days leave for a well-deserved holiday, you should take this as an opportunity to boost your health by taking leisurely walks in natural surroundings, as well as eating fresh and healthy food whenever possible.

You will adapt well to change

People who are resistant to change are often those who stay within their comfort zone, and a lot of people who are seen as workaholics are uncomfortable with anything that disrupts their familiar routines. In contrast to those who have a healthy work-life balance, such peeople are more receptive to changes around them, and they even find ways to adapt in order for them to continue moving forward without having to freak out at whatever challenges that came their way.


When you travel anywhere for vacations, you’re exposed to so many unfamiliar things that the only way you can fully embrace the experience is to accept whatever it is in front of you and allow yourself to be transported and enlightened. Learning to accept change and being open to new things means that you’re well-equipped to deal with the pressures at work and is willing to learn in order to maintain a respectable level of professionalism. So you need to think twice if you’re just going to toil away at work since it might not be a good idea.

You’ll enhance your networking skills

People who go on vacations are usually friendly to other travellers, and interacting with others while you’re on a break could really help improve your social skills. And any working professional knows that networking is an important element of enhancing one’s career goals, so it’s definitely in their best interest to meet new people and be friendly with fellow travelers that they will encounter during their vacation days. Moreover, it’s good manners to be polite and friendly with people, especially when one is traveling around.


Approaching strangers might be a scary prospect, but how else could you enjoy your vacation if you isolate yourself from other people? Something as simple as asking for directions or making small talk with someone else while waiting for a flight to take off is considered as a form of social interaction that could allow you to loosen up and be more open to dealing with different types of personalities. Once you are comfortable enough to actively socialize, you’ll be able to apply that within a professional work setting.

Your happiness levels will increase

Above all, vacation days are being offered by companies because businesses want their employees to maintain a high degree of happiness. Research studies have shown that businesses who offer generous paid vacation leaves to their workers are more likely to have a strong retention rate and the fact that their happiness levels will be sustained at relatively high levels. And if businesses care about their bottom line, then they need to understand that keeping their workers happy means that their profits will also see an upward spike.


Of course, it would be such a shame to have your vacation days go to waste by not using them, so you’ll really be doing yourself a disservice if you choose not to go on regular breaks off from work. If you feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, or unmoored from slogging day in and day out of routine drudgery, then using those vacation days will definitely cure you from wallowing in abject misery. You’ll surely be glad you decided to use your vacation leaves once you feel that sense of elation rushing through your body.