10 Tips to Recover From an Addiction

10 Tips to Recover From an Addiction

10 Tips to Recover From an Addiction

We all enter this world with a number of holes—like a piece of Swiss cheese. These holes are of a variety of shapes, and, dependent on determinants such as genetics and upbringing. For most, these holes can be filled with normal elements like work, love, relationships, etc. Few others abuse it with substances and materials which are harmful to life.

As such substance abuse has become a means of filling the holes turning it into an addiction. Here are a few helpful tips to avoid such addiction:

1. Remove Yourself from Vacillating Alterity

dont involve emotionally

In simple words, "Don’t get involved emotionally with other people." Though, ultimately, a loving relationship is one of the means of filling the holes, those recovering from addictions must initially sever such ties. As therapists will tell you, feelings can be dangerous.

2. Give Yourself Incentives

give yourself incentives

Notwithstanding the strength of your conative faculty, you all need incentives; without which, as Mao found out in China, as Lenin found out in Russia, workers will not work. An incentive is a light towards which you grow. But be careful lest you end up substituting one addiction for another.

3. Fill the Empty Spaces

fill the emptyspace

Boredom is the enemy of recovery. Empty time needs filling. So fill it with a hobby. Invest your energy in some hobby, and keep yourself busy. You could write a novel. You could volunteer at a hospice, etc. Fill the time.

4. Go to the Gym

go to the gym

Regardless of the nature of the addiction, whether it be food-related or otherwise, it would be beneficial to all recovering addicts to frequent a gym. The being going to a gym will make you look better raising your self-esteem. You need to raise your self-esteem and thus intensify the fear of failure, which, in turn, shall deter you from failing.

5. Stop Going on Social Media Pages

stop going on social media

This tip is related to tip number one; insofar as Social Media is a major generator of relational anxiety. It is a place where people show off and portray perfected versions of themselves. Living on social media could increase your inferiority complex and force you into a relapse.

6. Get Yourself Organized

stay organized

Organizing your task at hand and your daily chores will keep you engaged.

7. Socialize with the Right People

socialize with the right people

Socializing with the right people who would motivate you and guide you in the right direction is very important. This brings you to the next point.

8. Join a Support Network

join a support network

If your addiction is serious, and seriously impairing your chance at a happy, fulfilling life, then you ought to try group therapy. A group is a network of defense. Since the others have been through the same problems, the group will help give you a sense of purpose in your recovery, and provide a number of safeguards against relapse.

9. Ask Your Loved Ones to Help Out

loved ones

An understanding family is an essential part of your recovery. A recovering addict is likely to be subsumed by grouchiness, and one’s loved ones must be understanding.

10. Set up a Number of Safeguards

 number of safeguards

Ask your local shopkeeper not to sell you any cigarettes and your family and friends to keep away from giving you money. This might make life harder but get it done.