5 Ways to Deal with Indecisive Customers

5 Ways to Deal with Indecisive Customers

5 Ways to Deal with Indecisive Customers

One of the biggest challenges you will face if you are working in the service industry is indecisive customers. For reasons that are difficult to even fathom, customers are indecisive about taking a service or a product you have to offer. Though they lurk around, ask questions, show interest, or simply can't decide for various reasons, such indecisive customers can drive you crazy.

Here are 5 ways in which you can deal with indecisive customers:

1. Simplify Their Concern

simplify their concerns

The ultimate purpose of your patiently dealing with the customer is the sale and when you are being met by indecisiveness in return of your offer for a service or product, try and simplify their lives as far as possible. Instead of coaxing and cajoling them into buying your stuff, address their concern by giving them information on the service and product. Help them build trust in you and when they do decide to buy, it is likely to be from you.

2. Reassure Nervous Clients

reassure nervous clients

When you sense any indecisiveness in your clients about the quality, longevity, material used etc, cite them examples of the products, may be a sample product or talk about similar projects and build a trust base with them. This will prevent indecisiveness from creeping in.

3. Set Realistic Expectation

set the realistic expectation

Clients will always have high expectations from the service or product they are paying for. It could also be in terms of budget or timeline. It’s important to set the expectation with the customers in the beginning and keep it realistic with them. While they may expect to look like Cameron Diaz after a facial massage, it may not be the case.

4. Set a Follow-up System

followup customers

It is important that you establish a follow-up system along with defined follow-up timelines. In this competitive world, it is very common for buyers to delay their purchase decision. But it is the follow-up system and timeliness that will help you deal with such indecisive customers. Follow up twice per week and as time goes by, once a week and then once a month. See which follow-up method is working and which isn’t. Stick to what’s working for you.

5. Be Honest

be honest

It’s always a wise choice to be honest and clear with your clients. Be it about their expectations from the product or service, the result, the material used and where is it available in the area, how much time does it usually take for a similar project to complete, whatever their concern might be, it's good to be honest with them. This will help them process the information and take a decision faster. Maybe if not this time, next time he will surely come to you and avail your product or services.

While it’s a high-pressure task to close a sale of a product or service, learning how to deal with clients will help you achieve your goals. You will clearly know who to prioritize and who to give more time to.