6 Money Issues That Can Destroy Your Marriage

6 Money Issues That Can Destroy Your Marriage

6 Money Issues That Can Destroy Your Marriage

Marriage is a pious and sacred institution. It is built on love, trust, respect, and an honest and open communication. When you first fall in love, you build a rosy picture of your life with your partner. The dating phase gives you goose bumps and you can’t wait to get married. But people forget that marriage is not at all a rosy affair.

It is building a life together, which involves paying bills, setting up a home, and taking personal and financial decisions together. While most couples are able to hold the fort in personal decision areas, it is usually financial matters that take a toll on their marriage.

Here are 6 such money issues that can destroy your marriage:

1. Your Spouse Doesn’t Earn Enough

spouse doesnt earning enough

While you may love your spouse immensely, just love isn’t enough. When you have monthly bills to pay, kid’s education fees, personal loans or home mortgage to pay off and your spouse doesn’t earn enough to be able to do that, it builds resentment and it can slowly become an issue that can take a toll on your marriage.

2. Your Spouse is a Spendthrift

spendthrift spouse

A completely opposite scenario of having a spouse who is an underearner is a spouse who is a spendthrift. If your spouse gets his/her salary on the 1st of the month and by the 15th of the month, he/she asks you for a loan or more money, it is sure to create a rift between the two of you. While it is good to spend on things that make you happy or shop for what you like, being a spendthrift can drive any partner away.

3. Your Spouse is a Gold Digger

gold digger spouse

What would happen if you found out that the person you are married to, only married you for your money? That can drive a wedge between you and your partner and have your marriage come crumbling down. Such people are only looking for money and not for love and the sooner you spot that, the better off you are.

4. Your Spouse is Financially Unfaithful

financially unfaithful spouse

When any of the partners brings unfaithfulness in any form to the marriage, it is bound to destroy the marriage. While infidelity is unacceptable, financial unfaithfulness also can destroy your marriage. If you are not honest with your spouse about your earnings or you come to know that your partner has been hiding about all the overspending or purchases he or she has made, it is bound to create a wall up between you two.

5. Your Spouse Doesn’t Work

spouse doesnt work

A marriage requires taking equal responsibility in building a life together, but if your spouse refuses to look for a job, then that is not a good sign. If it’s a temporary phase, be supportive, but if that phase extends to months or years, talk to them and if need be, help them get back to routine and get them a job.

6. Your Spouse Has a Large Debt

spouse has lot of debts

When you have a huge debt to pay off or if you also have a needy family member, it means the finances that you can allocate to building a life or living a life like taking vacations or other recreational activities take a hit and that is something that can that destroy your marriage.

A marriage requires a lot of thoughtfulness and commitment and even with a lot of love between the partners, financial matters can destroy the marriage. Hence, these tips should be useful in not letting money issues destroy your marriage.