Positive Birth Affirmations

Positive Birth Affirmations

Positive Birth Affirmations

Positive Birth Affirmations . Our world is the reflection of beliefs that we hold and affirmations can be helpful tools in helping us to change these beliefs. If you find you have fear or concerns about birthing your baby , the affirmations can help to dispel these. Even if you are feeling wonderful and positive , they can only add to what is already inside you , all power to you for a joyous birth.

1. I Will Have A Strong And Healthy Baby


Find your Inner Strength

The will to be strong and affirmations to make you believe so help you through the task of bearing a baby. The major concern for any to be mother is that the baby about to come in this world should be healthy and this affirmation makes the belief stronger.

2. I Trust My Body To Know How To Birth This Child


Build Your Confidence

The confidence in the ability of yourself and your body to be able to give birth to the child is strengthened by this affirmation. By repeating this affirmation over and over the subconscious mind starts believing the thoughts and resultant the mother to be becomes stronger and prepared mentally and physically.

3. I Am A Strong And Capable Woman


Build Inner Strength Through Positive Thoughts

The thoughts built up in the subconscious mind gives the strength to the mind and to the person mentally and physically . By repeating this affirmation the woman gets ready mentally and as the mental state , the physical state of person also becomes stronger and readies itself for the birth.

4. My Body Is Indeed Beautifully And Wonderfully Made

my body

Stay Resilient in Life

This affirmation makes the woman believe in herself and that her body is physically apt to give birth to this child. That whatever the child birth needs , the body has the capability to adapt to its requirement. The body knows how to birth the baby and it is a beautiful feeling.

5. I Deserve To Have The Birth I Desire


6. I Trust In My Baby


7. I Am A Powerful, Loving And Creative Being


8. I Am Now Willing To Experience All My Feelings


9. I Accept Myself Completely Here And Now


10. I Now Feel Inner Peace And Serenity


11. My Baby Knows All Is Well


12. Good Strong Contractions Help My Baby Come In This World


13. My Body Contains All The Knowledge Necessary


14. Birth Is A Safe And Wonderful Experience


15. I Will Have An Uncomplicated, Peaceful, Joyous And Pleasurable Birth


 Only with trust , faith and support can the woman allow the birth experience to enlighten and empower her. Relax and breathe and do nothing else. Labor is hard work and you can do it.