Positive Affirmations for Kids and Children

Positive Affirmations for Kids and Children

Positive Affirmations for Kids and Children

Positive Affirmations for Kids and Children .Affirmations are a powerful and holistic way of building a positive mind and happier children. Nurturing their authentic self and helping them to enjoy the magic of childhood. If children believe that they are special and loved they will behave in that way which is why affirmations are so important to help children develop positive foundations on which to grow.

1. I Can Do Whatever I Focus My Mind on 


Confidence Building 

Most certainly, we can help our kids with instilling good values, confidence, focus and belief. Positive affirmations for children can do a lot to assist them in developing healthy self esteem. We can also target some for the purposes of having an easier time with their school work.

2. I am a Fast Learner


Build Inner Strength 

The confidence instilled in the child makes him / her actually learn faster as the pick up or grasping power increases because the child himself / herself believes so. A quick response is gradually built up in school and other activities. Just a few positive words spoken to ourselves each day can, amazingly, make such a difference to our whole body.

3. I Deeply Love and Accept Myself


Positive Affirmations to Happiness

 For a child to be confident in how he studies or carries himself / herself around , it is very important that the child has positive affirmations which will help to learn and love oneself. They will help to train the mind to stop over focusing on the negatives , instead see all the wonderful things that make you a beautiful human being.

4. Learning is Fun and Exciting 


Build Positive Thoughts on Children

This affirmation inculcates the feeling of joy and enjoy in the child’s mind , in return the child begins to love whatever work is assigned to him or her and learn with interest. The thought of taking in new information, practicing it, applying it and retaining it becomes enjoyable.

5. I Believe in Myself and My Abilities


6. I Have My Gifts and Talents


7. I Learn From My Challenges And Can Always Find Ways to overcome Them


8. I Make Like-Minded Friends Easily and Naturally

like minded

9. I am Healthy and Growing Up Well


10. I am Very Creative


11. Ideas for Problem Solving Come Easily and Quickly to Me


12 . My Family, Friends and Teachers Love Me For What I Am

what i am

13. I May Make Mistakes Sometimes But I Choose to Learn From Them


14. Every Day And in Every Way I Become Better and Better


15. I am Kind, Generous and Loving


 It is important to show respect for your child and their feelings and not to push them too hard if they’re feeling uncomfortable. Positive affirmations should always be introduced in a fun and exciting way. Use them to help children be the best that they can be and to nurture happy and positive feelings.