Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills

1. Logical

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A problem can be tackled with strong logical skills. Once a complex problem is broken down into simpler and easier chunks they are solved easily with proper logic and reasoning. Using inference, deduction and other tools of logic, we can easily solve many problems of life.

2. Practical

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Most problems of life exist only in the mind. They are delusions and remain therefore unsolvable simply because they are imaginary. It is better to be pragmatic than to have dreams and ideals that are unrealistic and cannot be achieved.

The most complex of problems can be solved with only relevant facts and simple analytics. 

3. Expertise

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Knowledge and skills are essential to solve the complex problems of life. The more experienced we are in one particular field, the more confident we become in dealing with the challenges of. Mastery in a given field makes the person more confident, which in turn makes problem solving easier.

4. Passionate

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One must display passion to achieve, or to come out of a difficult situation. Without passion, other qualities like patience, diligence, tact and persistence remain unrealizable. Passion helps in problem solving. All human efforts will burn out unless it is backed by passion.

5. Liberal


Open-mindedness or liberalness is a required trait for effective problem solving. A growing society deal with myriad of problems and they become hindrances to happiness and peace. Only an open minded person will be able to fathom the vast reality better and deal with the emergencies in life.

6. Cognitive Abilities

cognitive abilities

Cognitive functions like perception, attention, memory and language. These are brain functions and we can train them as skills to quickly analyze a given situation and be able to fathom the depth and extent of a given problem

7. Reasoning Abilities

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The ability to reason helps in any given situation. To be able to see patterns and draw connection between random points is a great skill to possess in everyday decision making. Analytical thinking and approximation are necessary tools while dealing with complex problems.

An action plan is required to make these problem solving skills attainable for you. Most successful people in leadership role have them in one way for the other. A very disciplined and conscious effort is required in order to make them attainable.

Here are a list of things you should do immediately to make it easier for you to develop these problem solving skills and become a decision maker.

a. Reading is must. It should become a habit for you. And a good reader knows the wheat from the chafe. They read not just to get informed and stimulate their intellectual curiosity but also to enter into a discussion and be able to formulate and articulate a valid opinion or view point.

b. Develop a hobby.  A hobby nurtures your passion. It keeps you well-grounded and saves you from boredom and low self-esteem.

c. Keep yourself fit. Exercising your body daily is a must for your bodily function to perform well under any stressful conditions. You can keep your brain sharp and alert with good nutrition and performing mental exercises.

d. A keen interest in socializing. Socializing help us deal with stressful situations, as it teaches us social skills and graces. Man is a social animal and at every stage of life encounters problems while dealing with people. Social skills are necessary in order to keep yourself happy and deal with difficult situations and difficult people. Learning communication skill is especially necessary for the internet community.