Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

Have you ever heard of the miraculous power of thoughts? Well, I am sure you must have heard of it at some point or the other. Positive thoughts are the most powerful tool to create a happy and a blessed future.

Positive thoughts release ‘endorphins’ or the ‘feel good’ factors in the body which helps in the overall well being of the body.

How to have Positive Thoughts

Well! Having positive thoughts all through the day could be challenging but can be attained with little practice. The best way of doing it to stop any negative thought that is running on to your mind. Try to convert every negative thought into a positive one. For this, look for positivity in every person and every situation you come across through the day. It could be very challenging initially but slowly it gets into a habit and fetches you positive returns. Keep reminding yourself through the day that optimism is the only way of living. Once your optimism helps you sail through smoothly in life than there is no looking back.

Power of Positive Thoughts

Have you ever heard that, “Your thoughts create your future?” This is indeed a hard core reality. Not many of us are aware that every single thought which is running on to our minds is creating our future. Thoughts are nothing but powerful vibrations that you are sending out to the Universe every second. The Universe responds back by giving you what you had asked for many folds without judging the nature of vibrations.

Positive Thoughts for the Day

positive morning

Choose to start every day on a positive note. When you start on a positive note than half the battle is won. You feel highly optimistic and charged up through the day. Positivity helps you to stay motivated and charged up all the time. A positive person lives life with enjoyment and gratitude.

Five positive thoughts for the day

  • “Today is the best day of my life”
  • “I love what I do today”
  • “I rejoice in good health now and forever”
  • “I am able to finish all my tasks with ease”
  • “I am in harmony with my past and with all who I meet through the day”

Positive Thoughts for Work

positive thoughts for work

Positive thoughts help you reach to the work related solutions very fast and they help you to have proper co-ordination with all your co-workers. People with positive attitude find fun in everything. For them, every challenge is a new way to improve their skills by using their positivity.

  • I love my work
  • My work brings the best to me
  • I am able to smoothly finish all my tasks
  • My work is a pleasure for me
  • I love the space I am in currently

Positive Thoughts for Healing


Positive thoughts are one of the best healing resources that we have. The power of positive thought is miraculous and it could heal any physical or mental disorder. Yes, the more positive thoughts you create that much faster the healing happens. People who are positive fall sick very less and even if they fall sick they are able to recover quickly due to positive thinking.?

  • I love and appreciate every single cell of my body.
  • I am grateful for what my body is doing for me.
  • Thank you life for gifting me with all the goodies.
  • I let go off all the negative feelings that I have been carrying
  • I love and respect my body

Positive Thoughts for Teachers


Teachers are the most powerful resources to create impact on thousands of students at once. If a teacher creates powerful positive thoughts than instantly it gets transmitted to hundreds of students who are listening to the teacher. Teachers should always stay in the best of mental health that is optimism as it helps to create the right environment and influences the students around.

  • I respect each and every student of my class
  • I appreciate the talent possess by each of my student
  • I am giving my best teachings to the students
  • I love and appreciate the efforts that I and my students make
  • I love to see everyone around growing

Positive Thoughts for a Surgery

positive thoughts for surgery

Positive thoughts for a surgery have a powerful impact on the body’s healing power. By choosing to create positive thoughts after the surgery helps you in having a speedy recovery. This has been proven by a lot of researches in the recent past. Also, positive thoughts help in maintaining the optimum cardiac health assisting in recovering further.

  • I am healing and recovering fast
  • I rejoice in good health
  • I love the endurance and tolerance that my body has
  • I love and appreciate my body
  • All is well

Positive Thoughts for Depression

positive thoughts for depression

Positive thoughts are the food for the brain. People who create less of positive thoughts end up having depression of all kinds. Positive thoughts releases supporting chemicals called the feel good factors which energizes you and supports the proper mental and physical health. The only way to keep depression at bay is to stay positive at all times.

  • I love myself?
  • I appreciate my journey of life so far
  • Only good lies before me
  • Every day is a gift from God
  • I create my own life with my thoughts

Positive Thoughts about Death

positive thoughts for death

Death is the most scared thought on everyone’s mind. Death is a natural phenomenon like birth. Accepting death as a natural phenomenon relieves you of all the inhibitions related to life. Creating positive thoughts of acceptance of death as a natural process brings in a lot of freedom with in.

  • I create good health for my own self and the people around
  • I accept death as a natural phenomenon.
  • I am safe.
  • I surrender myself completely to life.
  • I trust life.

Positive Thoughts for Life

positive affirmations for life

Positive thoughts for life help you to understand the life much better. These positive thoughts help you to live life to the fullest with this understanding of taking things as they come. Positivity helps you to hold on to the fact that whatever happens happens for the best and the best way of living life is to take it positively.

  • Life loves me
  • Life supports me in whatever I do
  • Life brings the best suited things for me looking at my future
  • Life is always just and fair
  • My life becomes beautiful with every positive thought

Positive Attitude Thoughts

positive attitude

Learning and maintaining positive attitude comes with a little practice to a few and is a God’s gift to others. But whatever said and done, it is worth putting all the efforts. People with positive attitude surely win the race of life sooner or later. A positive perspective brings in a lot of happiness and contentment in everything you do.

  • Thank you life, for bringing all the gifts that I have been gifted with
  • I am infinite
  • I love and appreciate my skills and talent
  • I love and welcome life with open arms
  • Life is a boomerang – It gives back what it takes from me so I ensure that I stay positive

Positive Thoughts Images

positive thoughts images

positive thought

positive thoughts

Positive hypnosis is the term used for creating positive images in your mind of something that you wish to have. It is a very powerful technique of achieving whatever you want from the life. The more and more positive images you create that much faster life brings those images as experiences to you.

Positive Thinking Books

You can heal your life by Louise Hay


It is an extra ordinary book which is also a best seller. It talks about healing your diseases using positive thoughts or affirmations and the author has experienced it personally and succeeded.

I can do it by Louise Hay

i can do it by luios hay

Again, this is a highly motivational creation which talks about achieving anything and everything by positive thoughts. It is surely a must read and would motivate you at any point of life.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


This book is a unique creation of its time, one of the first books which narrated the power of thoughts as a highly engaging story. It is read by people who are at their lowest point in life.

Positive Affirmations

positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are the most powerful tool to deal with any situation in life. With these affirmations, you could actually live the life you have been dreaming off since long. Positive affirmations could help you get rid of any illnesses, situations; scarcities and can sort out any relationship issues.

  • I find peace and harmony in whatever I do
  • I love the person inside me
  • People always support and co-operate with me
  • The coming decade is the best phase of my life
  • Life is beautiful

Positive Thoughts for Anxiety


Positive thoughts immediately pull down your stress level. The way you look at things makes all the difference. A positive approach could solve the toughest problem in seconds provided you have faith in positivity and life. Positive thoughts are the best remedy to cure stress and anxiety.

  • I take every challenge as a learning
  • I release all the stress and rejoice in positivity
  • I bless my work place and my house with positivity
  • I am much more efficient with positivity
  • Life is conspiring to bring the best to me.

Keys to positive thinking

keys to happiness


There is something or the other nice that each one of us is gifted with. Life is all about being grateful about the things we are blessed with. One of the best ways of being positive is to start with showing gratitude towards life.

Stop the negative thoughts

You might not be aware many a times that you are being negative but as soon as you realize it just stop the thought then and there.

Be contended

Don’t wait for time to give you what you want; what is needed is contentment right in the present to create happy and contended moments in the future.

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts


All of us have had many negative experiences in the past. And, most of us continue to live in the past with those bitter memories knocking in our head every now and then. These memories need to be vanished or washed out to create a peaceful present and there by a peaceful future as well.

For every negative thought that you realize you have thought of, try and create 5 more positive thoughts to nullify it. Remind yourself that the past is over and dead and it has no control on your present. Always keep yourself occupied in some productive activity to minimize the negativity in your mind.

How to turn Negative Thoughts into Positive

turn negative into positive

By forgiving what has happened you cease to create any more negative thoughts about that person, place or situation. These negative thoughts then slowly will get accepted by you and will turn into the positive ones. Forgiving often needs a lot of inputs but with consistent efforts it will happen.

Life is a roller coaster ride for all. Some take it too seriously by getting attached to challenges and difficulties while others sit back, relax and enjoy it to the fullest with the best possible learnings’ on the way.