How to Handle Passive Aggressive Co-workers

How to Handle Passive Aggressive Co-workers

How to Handle Passive Aggressive Co-workers

Are you getting troubled with the coworkers who are passive aggressive in nature? Do you want to quit a job in order to avoid all these? If yes, you need not trouble yourself and just follow these simple steps which help you to stay safe and as well able to focus on work. The passive aggressive people are those who don’t reveal their actual intent but tries to resist you from doing something in their own way. Here are some simple steps to handle them. 

1. Take time To Identify

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You take your own time to know in detail about others. Just don’t come to a conclusion with a single instance that your coworkers are passive aggressive. Be careful while you are discussing with your other peers about these people as you might be in trouble if they know that you are discussing them in their absence. 

2. Handle Communication Well

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It is when the passive aggressive coworkers trouble you with their words; you need not argue or fight with them. Rather learn the art of giving a smart reply with a smile where you won’t hurt their feelings. Also, ensure yourself that you are not getting disturbed and take all their harsh abusive words to heart and affect your performance at work.

3. Log All Troubling Comments

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If you are not a type of person to just leave the moments where you got hurt by this irritating coworker, then all that you can do is make a note of all comments which you faced earlier. So that when you feel like giving a complaint against them, these will be helpful to escalate to the concerned authority. Never show your anger on them, as doing this will make the condition worse.

4. Resolve your Own Problems

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Making note of every small matter and taking it to your boss will actually make you bad. There comes a situation where they come to a conclusion that your ability to solve workplace problems is very poor. But there is no need to sit idle and brood over if the coworker harassment has crossed the safe lines. Try to overlook at things and take an action only if their intervention affects your work and performance.

5. Read Between the Lines

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Some people have their own diction and way of handling things. So instead of concentrating more on their dialogue delivery, try to find out what they want to tell, and read between the lines instead of getting hurt with their words. They might want you to know that their thoughts and preferences are more important or there is some injustice which has happened to them or could be anything.

Be patient and always make your mind that you need not give the same harsh reply to them. 

In this manner, when you don’t like your coworker, there is no need to make friendship with them, but just let them know that you both have to respect each other and this is good for both individuals and as well for the company. Just give them a chance or two and even if there is no change, discuss with other in a right time and take appropriate action.