Passive Person

If a person tries to avoid conflict at any cost and even accept annoying things and people so that they will not upset others, it is a clear sign of Passive Aggressive personality. People exhibiting such nature are called Passive Individuals. They are the exact opposite of aggressive people and will always tend to take the path of least resistance. Let us see some of the traits of a passive person.


  • They will always give more importance to others in their life. They will continue to be nice to the person even when they do not like the other person's behavior just because they do not want to get into any conflict.
  • They will say “sorry” more often than required. Even in situations when the mistake is of the other person, passive people will apologize so as to avoid any confrontation.
  • They will avoid complaining as far as possible and will choose to accept things as they are for the fear of getting into any conflict with others.
  • Even if they get into an argument, they will mostly listen to what others have to say and will not be able to put across their point of view in a right manner. They will lose the argument in any case.

passive person talks less

  • They will always allow others to make decisions for them and will never complain even if they do not like the decision. These kind of people are always afraid of hurting the other person. They will silently suffer instead of letting the other person know about the situation.
  • They always try not to make anyone else uncomfortable or angry. They will try to be as pleasing as possible to everyone around them. Even when they do not feel good about doing this, they will continue to do so.
  • They are intimidated by strong personalities and will avoid any problem with that kind of people. They will feel more comfortable to accept the situation rather than get into any conflict.
  • They are usually not good at the relationship and will silently suffer everything without raising a voice. They are not happy with most of the things around them.

When you see this kind of behavior in anyone, it is a clear sign of Passive behavior. It can lead to lots of problems in the long run. People who continue to suffer this way will have a low self-esteem and will not be able to realize their full potential in their life.

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