Am I Passive Aggressive?

Am I Passive Aggressive?

Am I Passive Aggressive?

This type of behavior could be confused for passive behavior but it very different. This behavior is characterized by a silent disapproving tendency that creates gaping dissimilarity between what the person says and what their actions. This behavior could be characterized by tendencies like grumbling, procrastination, indifference, etc.

Description of Passive Aggressive Behavior

1. Generally Resenting all Other Opinions

 generally resenting all other opinions

The person will often resent any proposal directed to them and bottle up the resentment. This complicates issues as they could have declined or voiced their own opinion at the time.

2. Excessive Procrastination

excessive procrastination

These people will often sped way too much time doing even the smallest task. Rather than disagree they will cling to their dissatisfaction and consciously use procrastination as a means of expression.

3. Hostile


These people will often very quickly become hostile assuming that the requests made are efforts to poke or tease. This is especially difficult to deal with in the workplace given each employee must receive some orders/requests.

4. Disguising Criticism

disguising criticism

Such people can be deceptively charming when they intentions are quite the opposite. It will or may take time before realizing the compliments they offer all serve to mask some cheap joke.

5. The last Word/Punch

discomfort clearly visible

These people live for the last punch. Regardless of the gravity of the issue they will not leave without an insulting remark even after reconciliation. It may be this is the only way they feel victorious.

6. Silent Treatment

silent treatment

This is one of the most difficult aspects to deal with among such individuals. On realizing you share different opinions this treatment can continue endlessly. The silence does not suggest agreement but rather is their way of allowing the wound to fester till another opportunity to throw a low blow arises.

7. Complaints of Unfair Treatment

complaints of unfair treatment

These individuals will often have several complaints in their favor citing unfair treatment. They would like to believe they are constantly under attack and as such, “always have their opinion of what actually happened”.

8. Intentional Mistakes

making mistakes intentionally

Instead or declining or due to fear of “repercussions” of declining the individual will make many intentional mistakes when accomplishing a task. This and the procrastination often make them very difficult people to work with on any task.

The above discussion has described two personality types common to people around the world. These are traits we can be born with and are inherited from our predecessors. However, some aspects of these personality traits can be negative and can be altered.

With simple counseling and behavior change many people around the world have overcome shortcomings of these personality traits and gone on to live very wholesome lives.