The Importance of Supporting ESL Students at the College Level

The Importance of Supporting ESL Students at the College Level

The Importance of Supporting ESL Students at the College Level

Every year, thousands of students who are not native English speakers enroll in colleges in the United States. These are bright, talented students who have earned their places alongside their new fellow English-speaking counterparts.

Unfortunately, soon after their studies commence, many of them begin to encounter difficulties related to their command of the English language. While most can speak relatively well, with some grammatical and syntax errors, the level of scholarly writing that is expected in the classroom is just beyond them. They totally master the concepts and skills, but becoming a writer who can compete with fellow classmates in the production of essays and papers is quite another matter.

Outdated and Rigid Practices


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The essay and paper, as well as a number of other writing assignments (book reviews, research summaries, case studies, etc.) are common assignments in most all courses. And students are graded on their academic writing skills, no matter what the course may be. The disadvantages for ESL students when this type of practice reigns are clearly unfair and often result in these talented kids deciding that education in their home countries would be less stressful. And so we lose them.

The rigidity of professors is often to blame for these circumstances.They have their standards, “by God,” and no one can make them compromise their expectations for student writing. If foreign students enter their classrooms, then the same standards for writing must apply. The interesting caveat to this, however, is that native students, with identified disabilities, must be given modifications, by federal law. It is a shame that these same modifications cannot be made for ESL students as well.

Foreign Students are Highly Committed

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The thing is this: These talented kids are willing to work hard to improve their English writing skills. In fact, that is usually one of their goals in attending an English-speaking university – they want to become fluent in both speaking and writing. And most institutions have set up programs for them to do just that. There are writing labs, of course, but specific ESL tutors are on hand during some scheduled hours, especially to work with ESL students. If they do not become discouraged, with hard work and the time to get the assistance they need, they can do this!

The “Devil” is in the Meantime

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But what to do in the meantime, while the writing skills are being acquired. The answer lies in the use of a reputable essay writing service – a place to which the student may go and order the essays, papers, and other written assignments s/he needs in order to satisfy rigid instructors and get good grades. And if the truth is to be told, many of their native classmates are doing exactly the same thing. They can get custom essay writing on any topic at all, produced by professional researchers and writers, and maintain those good course grades.

Finding the Right Service


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There are thousands of online writing services, but many of them, unfortunately are run by amateurs. Going to EvoEssay, however, will eliminate all of the guesswork and risk. Here, ESL students can get exactly what they need, any time, on any topic, and according to their professors’ rigid guidelines. Problem solved!