How to write a non-fiction book

How to write a non-fiction book

How to write a non-fiction book

Anyone can dream to become a writer. There is nothing wrong with that. But it is very important to have something to say and respect a few rules of style. Let's suppose you got that too. 

1. Making a research on the topic you are writing about

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 Even if you have your own strong opinions about a topic, make a research before writing your book. Cite previous research (if it is the case) and express your own views on them. Do you agree with them or not? Your own point of view regarding the previous research can be of huge importance, especially if your book is a scientific one.

2. Writing clear and simple sentences

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If you write a non-fiction book, you need to know that the way you transmit the message is crucial. Do you write complicated or long sentences, without any coherence? Then you should probably need a stylist who can help you with the writing. A clear and simple sentence is essential when you write a message.

3. Making a good structure of the chapters

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 A clear and structured book reveals the author's mind. If you are a logical person, perhaps you don't need this advice. The order of the chapters should follow the logical flow of dependencies: what is the book about, a short presentation of the previous research, the new approach that you propose, analyzes, tests and conclusions.

4. Finding a reviewer


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A reviewer can help you a lot with his / her suggestions or opinions about your work. Do so that you find the best reviewer for your book!

5. Finding the best title

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Selling a book is a complex process. You need advertising and a lot of visibility. How to gain that? Choose the best title for your book! If the title is attractive, readers may come without realizing it! A subtitle could give additional and valuable information about the content of the book.

6. Being motivated

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 It needs a lot of perseverance to finish a book. Be motivated, consistent and coherent in all you are doing! You finish the book if you have these qualities and especially if you write from passion.