Seven Ways to Fall Asleep Again after a Nightmare

Seven Ways to Fall Asleep Again after a Nightmare

Seven Ways to Fall Asleep Again after a Nightmare

Sometimes you are suddenly jolted from sleep all of a sudden – you feel you have been pushed down by someone from the bed or you fell from the sky or you felt hitting against something before you wake up. Nightmares occur when you are facing extreme stress due to job loss, loss of a dear one, anxieties or worries. It usually occurs during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep cycle which happens in intervals and is characterized by rapid movement of eyes, dreams, body movements and dreams.

Nightmares are quite common for children below the age of 10 and also nothing unusual for adults. However, if it occurs frequently and disrupts your sleep cycle, making you weak and unhealthy, you may need to seek help of therapists, friends or family members to overcome it.

Here are seven steps to sleep again after a nightmare

1. Drink Water and Relax

drink water

After a nightmare, you may experience a significant drop in energy levels and feel dehydrated. Drink 100-200 ml of water or milk, stretch your legs, arms and take deep breaths. Walking and shaking your legs and shoulders can bring some relief. If your bladder is full, empty it and wash your face.

2. Calm Your Mind by Reading, Listening to Music

lsiten to music

Since it is not possible to fall asleep immediately, you can focus your mind away from the trauma by reading magazines or books, or listening to some soothing music. Chanting mantra, closing your eyes and taking deep breaths can help your mind and body to relax, thus bringing heart and pulse rate to normal.

3. Remove Clutter from the Bed and Change Clothes

remove clutter from bed

If you have kept your book, magazine or some other articles on the bed, keep it in their appropriate places and put a new pillow cover or blanket. Since your temperature will be raised, you could slip into a new dress if the one you are wearing feels uncomfortable due to sweat or heat.

4. Ask Someone to be with You

keep someone with you

Some nightmares can make you feel lonely and desperate. The presence of your spouse, children, parents, friends or whoever is at home, can be comforting. Let them remain with you till you feel asleep. If you are alone, taking hold of your favorite locket having a deity and saying silent prayers can help calm your mind.

5. Switch off Alarm and Turn Away from Clock

switch off alarm

Since you have already lost some sleep, it is better to extend your alarm time and avoid looking at the clock or timepiece on the wall. It can cause stress if you have to go for work or have an important event the next day.

6. Have Fruits or Snacks If You are Hungry

eat snacks

If you feel hunger, the best way to resolve it is by having fruits and biscuits. It is easier to digest and help overcome the drop in energy levels. However, don’t overeat and also avoid oily and foods with excessive fat.

7. Lie Down with Eyes Closed

lie down with eyes closed

After you have relaxed and your body has returned to normalcy, you may still find it difficult to sleep. Lie down on bed, stretch your legs and keep your eyes closed. Stop all thoughts from interfering and switch off music or other distractions.

Nightmares can happen due to a variety of reasons but there is no need to panic or be worried about them. The stress and strain associated with daily life can take its toll on your physical and emotional health. According to psychologists, it is mind’s way of venting out fears and anxieties of life.