Keys to Reignite Your Dream After Failure

Keys to Reignite Your Dream After Failure

Keys to Reignite Your Dream After Failure

Failure is a part of the dream chasing journey, but it doesn’t mean that it stings any less. Failures, heartache, and a lack of support can make us want to throw in the towel. Many times on my path to my dreams have I wanted to give up after failure.It hurts to have rejection or fall short when we give it our best shot and at times the pain makes us want to yield our lives and go back to where we started.

We weren’t living and only existing, but at least, we weren’t hurting.No! We must stand back up and fight for the dream that burns inside us. We must change our focus and gain back our enthusiasm. We must focus on these six keys to reignite the powerful dream inside of us.

1. Reconnect with why

 reconnect with why

We can get surface level with our dreams. The problem is that to overcome we must dive deep into our hearts. The fire that lights your dreams is the why, not the what. After failure, we need to get back to basics, and nothing is more basic yet crucial to your dream then why. To increase fortitude remember the why behind your dream.

2. Exercise


After we fail, we can often feel like a failure as a being. Making an event into our identity can lead to depression. When we feel good about ourselves, we have the confidence to overcome. Exercise not only affects you physically but more importantly mentally. When we are in good physical shape, we gain tenacity to fight back for our dreams.

3. Visualize


Envisioning your ideal future will help you get up off the mat after getting knocked over. Visualizing keeps your eyes on a winning future. Visualizing winning will lead us into winning action and action is what matters. One winning action after another leads to winning habits. Habits over time lead to the future that you envision. Visualize to reignite winning actions.

4. Relationships


Spending quality time with people that have belief in you will help you believe in yourself. Quality relationships can help you see things in yourself that are hard to see after failure. When we have a failure and a setback we can tend to look at our whole being like that one failure. We need people to set our feet back on solid rock. Proper relationships that build up and restore are important at all times, but when we are low, they are invaluable.

5. Small Win

small win

Getting even a small victory can get you back on track. When life punches us in the face, we need to get our barrings back, and nothing can reestablish a winning culture like landing a jab. It is tempting to try and go for a big win, but I have found that I am more of a riverboat gambler after a loss taking unnecessary risks to try and get a big win. Small wins will keep you grounded and gain you momentum that will end up translating into a big victory.  

6. Affirmation


We believe more that comes out of our mouth then what anyone else says about us. Though sometimes it can feel foolish you must speak life into your dreams. You can overcome, and you do have what it takes. Remind yourself that you are an overcomer, that any setback is getting you ready for a comeback story for the ages. Affirm you’re a winner to overcome failure.

Time and energy focused on your dreams will heal a lot of the failures you have along the way. The big wins will make the pain go away almost instantaneously. You must continue to fight continue to push through setbacks and failures. Your dreams are possible. You must believe, and then you will achieve. Be blessed on your journey.