Are You Really Screwing Up or Just Paranoid?

Are You Really Screwing Up or Just Paranoid?

Are You Really Screwing Up or Just Paranoid?

If you have ever done any mistake on your job, then you would surely know how it feels. The ultimate sinking feeling in the bottom of the stomach, the repetitive thoughts and last but not the least, the lack of self- confidence that remains the same after everything. Though mistakes are quite a common thing in all parts of life so keep your calm because the workplace is no any exception.

Everyone has to go through this kind of phase once in his or her lifetime. So if you ever feel like screwing up or just paranoid, then you will have to follow certain steps to get over it.

Before Freaking out Just Fix it


Many times, mistakes can easily be fixable- by proofreading, recalling the mail or altering the formula in your excel sheet or by having a review from a trusted colleague on your work. Before getting tensed, find out a solution. It sometimes may not be as worst as you think it is.

Admit it

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If it is beyond your control or you are not capable of changing anything or it is horribly late to fix it by yourself, then be honest about it and move forward for admitting your mistakes as early as you sense it and be genuinely interested in figuring out a solution. Don’t think about it too much rather let your seniors know that you comprehend the consequences of your mistake and assure them that you would never repeat the same.

Control your Emotions


Instead freaking and harping on about the errors and beating yourself up, you should take a short pause and rationally approach the circumstances. Why went wrong, where, what and how come can it be sorted out? Make yourself some slow and think properly about the next steps in handling the errors.

Work Hard

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If you have been cutting the corners, then stop. Do some extra work. By the time, this will become everyone’s most current impression of you and in this way, everyone will start to avoid your errors. Additionally, your next superior will also watch that you are trying hard and will consider it as an attempt to overcome the errors.


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Always try to communicate you screw up at your job ever. But if you avoid your manager due to nervousness then it will become the worst drive anyone can have in this circumstances. If your managers have genuine concerns about you then going underground will surely exacerbate them. So always keep open lines of communication.

Provide Solutions

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If you can consider of any workaround, then offer it. Ask help if you think anyone else may be more expert and skilled at offering resolutions. Always be vocal about your requirement and be grateful all the time for their immense support. When someone is helping you out, do admit and thank those people for their overwhelming help immediately and also in the future. Let those people know that you sincerely appreciate their great help and will be glad to return their favor.

Not the End of the Career

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If something quite major happened at your job then just keep in mind that it is not your doom’s day after all. Always remember when everything goes wrong, then they give you the room to rebuild your credibility.


Well, if you follow these given tips then you will be able to overcome any crisis at your workplace.