7 Body Language Hacks to be Instantly Likeable

7 Body Language Hacks to be Instantly Likeable

7 Body Language Hacks to be Instantly Likeable

No matter how much people say that they don’t care about the world, but we all come across those points in life which calls out the dire need of being liked. May it be a business meeting or you are trying to impress the publisher for your new book, you always have to keep few hacks that are handy and can be easily worked upon.

Thinking is Affected by your Body Language

Body Language Secrets of Exceptional People

This is why we bring to you seven areas which shall instantly help you to be likeable.

1. Manipulation is not all bad

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This is a term which, when spelled brings lots of negative thoughts to one’s mind. But manipulating to do some good or manipulating so as to bring peace is always good. There is no trouble ever called on if the things are done with genuine interest.

2. Working on Body Language and Attitude

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This factor needs some serious credit because attitude and body language are the only things that determines you at the end. You should feel secure and confident in your own skin, clothing, the way you walk and the way you see things around you. Also, you can listen to some audio books which can help in building a positive attitude. You should treat everyone with respect, a little smile shall do. Have a little generosity towards all until and unless they don’t deserve it, and specifically, always think about what you can do for others.

3. A Good Posture is just not a Good Habit, it isWay Better than Others

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You should always stand straight, but it shouldn’t look like you are on patrol. Also, your sitting posture should be straight, but the one with no rigidity in it. A tip would be to keep your body a bit tensed up because your flexed up muscles give you a loose walk and the one that’s not considered to be the best body language. While you are standing, always keep your feet hip width apart. This gives out the air that you are confident whereas when you stand with feet together, it shows your insecurity.

4. While Entering a Room…

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Whenever you enter a room, even if it filled with all the strangers, carry an assuring smile and have a look which shows that you are happy to see the crowd. You can always wave to your imaginary friends which gives you a look that you already know people over there. Another big tip is that always have a gentle, yet firm handshake and always look into the eyes of the person you are shaking your hands with. And while you do that, smile as if they are responsible for making your day.

5. Position yourself Correctly

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When you are talking to someone, you should always stand in a position that looks that you are open to them. Never lean on something when you are talking to someone, but in the case of need, when you readily have to do that, keep in mind to not slouch.

6. Keep your Face in Control

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Think that you are seeing someone you like or something you love, and a smile shall flash back on its own.

7. A Few Techniques and Habits

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One of the most significant habit or technique is mirroring the action. If they pick up your coffee for you , do the same for them. If they smile at you, smile back at them and things like this. And yes, a point to remember, while you are doing it, you shouldn’t look like a creep following them. Keep it simple and genuine.

You can conquer the world with a smile on your face, wittiness on your mind and goals set in your head. And the red book states it all, how you can get all in your control, you have been given the tips. Just read it and practice it all.