5 Little Ways to Feel Confident In 5 Minutes

5 Little Ways to Feel Confident In 5 Minutes

5 Little Ways to Feel Confident In 5 Minutes

There are those days when we struggle with low self-esteem and are full of self-doubt. In these moments of self-doubt all we want is someone to make a feel a little better about ourselves.

But you can yourself feel confident in less than 5 minutes with these 5 tips, which will enhance your overall self-confidence.

1. Walk With Your Head Straight

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You often had witnessed people walking on the streets with drooping shoulders, hunched back and some with their heads down and eyes fixed on the ground, well my friend that’s a posture of a person with low self-confidence. If you don’t want to count yourself among these droopy walkers, then you need to fix your posture while walking. 

It’s not that difficult and once you start doing it. It’ll become your habit. Stand tall with your head and shoulders back and walk with calmness yet confidently. Remember to Keep hand movements to the minimum.

2. Perceptions Matter

have a perception

How you see things has a heavier effect on your whole personality as you can imagine. Negative thoughts about oneself also cause insecurity and low self-esteem. Next time you feel this way ask yourself that how you can improve it, is there any way that I can turn my weaknesses to one of my strongest points and does this much contemplating can prove beneficial in any way? After practicing this method for weeks, you’ll see a change in yourself.

3. Give Time to Your Hobbies

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Find things you like and spend your time doing those things which you are good at. This method will help you prove to yourself that you aren’t bad at everything and that there are plenty of things that you would give others a run for. Paint, listen to music, sing, dance, write, go out, do anything that would take your mind off of these negative thoughts and so you could be with fewer despairs filling your mind.

4. Quick Warm-up


Exercise is not just good for your health, but for your mental peace too. Some reps of push up can do magic and turn the whole mood upside down, i.e. can enlighten your mood and boost your confidence in less than 5 minutes. The 5 minute warm up will get you high on adrenaline, your blood, which will make you stand tall facing the world and ready to take on some hard challenges by the head. After doing it regularly, you’ll feel fitter and confident about yourself.

5. Change the Surroundings


Your surroundings or the environment has a much larger effect than you can ever imagine and change that can help you get your confidence back, according to a recent study, people who work in a workplace feel really good after walking in a green surrounding. 

What do you think could be the reason behind it, the reason is the change in environment. So go out and spend some time with nature and with all good feelings around you’ll probably feel a little better and would also feel confidence growing back inside you.

Give a go at these tips and practice these tips regularly for a more confident outlook on life.