Change Your Bedtime Routine to Fall Asleep Faster

Change Your Bedtime Routine to Fall Asleep Faster

Change Your Bedtime Routine to Fall Asleep Faster

After spending a busy day consisted of toilsome affairs, the thing which we excessively crave for would be nothing other than a good night’s sleep, devoid of any interruptions or disturbances. If luck happens to be with you, a good night’s sleep would be possible without the need of applying any additional effort.

Although you may expect to sleep well, considering how weary you seem to be, for many reasons, you may not have your wish as expected. Therefore it is necessary to become aware of the causes which deprive you of your sleep. By identifying them, accordingly, you could make some changes in your daily routine, so that you would be able to acquire a peaceful good night’s sleep.

1. Solve Your Problems Throughout the Day

solve your problems

Whether they are work related issues or family related issues, try and figure out a solution for them during the course of the day. In doing so, you would not have any worries or concerns which keep bothering you at night causing you to stay awake.

2. Do not Let Work Accumulate

work accumulate

Do not keep postponing your workload to the next day. In doing so, the tasks at hand would accumulate, which would function as a disturbance to your conscious, knowing that you would have to work twice as much tomorrow, in order to complete them. The pressure would undoubtedly prevent you from having a relaxing time of sleep. Therefore complete your daily tasks in time to bring relief to your mind.

3. Exercise Daily 

Ensure that you receive adequate exercise to your body. In spite of performing your daily responsibilities, it is much necessary to allocate sometime in order to conduct some exercise as well. Nevertheless, if by chance your time schedule does not make space for a time to exercise, you could simply have a quiet walk after dinner.

exercise daily

The old saying, “After lunch rest a while, after dinner walk a mile”, corroborates the importance of, at least a few minutes time of exercising prior to going to bed. Engaging in activities such as yoga and meditation too, would assist you in falling asleep faster.  

4. Having an Appropriate Meal

The food you consume for dinner has a huge effect on how you sleep at night. So make sure that you have something light and healthy consisted of fruits and vegetables, plus food enriched with fiber.

appropriate meal

Heavy meals consisted of high proteins may be arduous to digest and indigestion is obviously a major cause in preventing you from falling asleep. Furthermore it has been proven that prior to sleeping, taking a teaspoon of glucose, coconut oil and a pinch of salt could make you sleep ever so quicker.

5. Avoid Having Catnaps During the Day


A short rest during the daytime is bound to rejuvenate yourself and make you fresh, thus helping you to focus on your work more effectively. Hence, taking a small nap during the day is actually not that deleterious, as long as it remains as a cats nap instead of transforming in to be a 2 or 3 hours of sleep.

Identify the objects which function as a total distraction to your mind and efface them. Loud music, television, and computers are some of those which keep you awake due to various addictions related to them. Anyhow, reading a book or magazine can result in a positive manner, thus assisting you to feel sleepy.Try out these simple tricks to have a good night’s sleep without having to take any pills or other medication. After all, it’s not a health issue, it’s just an unbalanced routine, which, "the power to make the change" happens to be right in your own hands.