5 Ways to be More Confident in Yourself

5 Ways to be More Confident in Yourself

5 Ways to be More Confident in Yourself

Confidence, merely a single word, but something which can either make you or break you. Having confidence in yourself can make so much difference in your success since it is the foundation of all great success and achievement. Confidence gives you the power to face any challenge and gives you inner strength to be assertive and to voice your opinion. A confident person does not rely on other’s feedback or advice to perform under tough situations.

Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have, the best make up one can ever wear. Though there can never be a cookbook to learn confidence in 5-10 days, it can be really learned and built over a period of time. It’s a skill which needs practice. Spending your time and energy in increasing your confidence is a smart choice since it has a direct relationship in making yourself a better, stronger and happier person. Here is a list of 5 easy ways which we should imbibe in our life so as to become a more confident person.

1. Trust yourself 

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Trust Your First Instincts

People who trust themselves are able to recognize mistakes, learn from them, and bounce back from disappointment. Confidence grows when you trust yourself, whereas insecurity and vulnerability curtails confidence. One should learn that everyone has their own strengths and their own weakness, and it is only when you start accepting that what you are -and aren’t- that you will truly trust yourself. And when you trust yourself, you do not hesitate to face any tough situation. Trusting your own abilities and knowledge helps you to stand tall in front of the world.

2. Think Positive

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Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attracts positive life. We should be aware that the voice of pessimistic inner self should always be suppressed by a positive self-talk. Many a times, we think of ‘What if I fail’, instead learn to say to yourself ‘What if I succeed in this step’. This small positive attitude towards life will work wonders to increase confidence in yourself. Positive energy and enthusiasm will definitely bring positive outcomes in whatever you are trying to achieve.

3. Surrounding Matters  

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Successfully Navigate Around Negative

Be choosy about the people and ideas you surround yourself with. Good books are elixir for life. Surround yourself with good books and cultivate the habit of reading which will contribute to your personal and professional growth, boost your confidence, increase your knowledge and enlighten your inner self. Remember that Negative people are the greatest destroyers of self-confidence, so make a goal to spend more time with people who are supportive and uplifting. They will support you in your bad days, not just your good days. These easy tricks fuels you to stay motivated and inspired.

4. Make Yourself Strong

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Talking Yourself into Success

The ability to be physically and mentally strong is crucial in day’s requirement. Someone who is weak or ill automatically loses his confidence. Try to live a healthy life which includes good eating habits. Studies suggests that Exercising for 20 to 30 minutes not only keep pounds off but also keep your confidence high. Similarly, a right mindset boosted by practicing yoga or having faith in God are good ways to make yourself mentally strong. Mental strength gives your mind the control of your thoughts and hence help the body accomplish what is wanted. 

5. Give things a try  

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Things Confident People Do

Confident people are risk-takers. Half the people do not achieve their goals because they fear to try. Confidence can grow only with experience. It is essential to take risks, have experience and learn from them. Take risks and face the fear. Though voice of fear will scream louder than voice of confidence, you need to be really strong to take the first step against your fear and then proceed. Once you develop this ability to cope up with fear, your self-esteem will soar high.

Remember that everyone is born with the potential for confidence. We just need proper nurturing from within and our surrounding to scale high on the meter of self-confidence.

Self Confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.