7 Little Known Facts About Roa Duterte

7 Little Known Facts About Roa Duterte

7 Little Known Facts About Roa Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte, more known as Roa Duterte, the man who is responsible for making that miraculous and dramatic change in the Philippines, is undoubtedly an exceptional inspiration to all mankind. Together with his immovable policies and firm determination, he has set an influential example to all dominant leaders around the world, thus pointing out the fact that any impossible affair could be made possible through determination and fortitude.

Due to his somewhat rather peculiar and distinct methods which he exercised in order to liberate the nation, he has been branded with many nicknames some of which are, “The punisher”, “Dirty Harry of Davao” and “Dugong”.  Although Roa Duterte has captured the hearts of millions, there are some facts about him which many of you may not be well aware of. 

1. The Genesis of Roa

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Although born in the city Maasin and raised in the Davao region, he still prefers to consider himself as a Cebuano due to the city, Cebu being his father’s ancestral region. Not only had Roa been raised in the Davao region but had served the city as Mayor for numerous years.

2. Primary Education and Graduation 

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Roa attained his primary education at Laboon elementary school and subsequently moved to Davao city where he conducted higher studies. In 1968, he was graduated with a “bachelor of arts” degree in political science in Manila. During his period of studies, he had been expelled twice due to his misbehavior.

3. Implementing Strange Methods

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During his tenure of serving as the mayor of Davao, various techniques, some of which were unusual and rather peculiar, were exercised and applied in order to make dynamic effective changes in the city. Some such amusing methods are, distributing groceries to cops in order to prevent them from accepting bribes, thrashing cops who happen to neglect their responsibilities and making deals with drug dealers by offering cash in exchange for their surrender. 

4. Roa’s Point of View on Achievements

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One great characteristic of his which we should marvel is that he considered an achievement as a responsibility which he is supposed to accomplish for the sake of people, instead of considering it as a key to gain publicity and self-glory. Therefore, numerous times he repudiated to accept awards and medals which had been offered to him.

5. Religious Views

Although Roa was born in a catholic environment, he accepts the fact of not being a very religious person. Likewise, he has experienced minor conflicts and disagreements with clergy as well.  

Be that as it may, he declares that, even so; he has not given up his faith but has chosen to temporarily keep away from church going due to his current position having an impact on the entire situation. 

6. Health facts

Due to the habit of constant smoking in the past, Roa Duterte suffers from Buerger's disease, an inflammation disease which affects the limbs.

7. Personal interests

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Despite all the activities involved in his political career, he has been able to equally maintain his personal life as well. Reading spy novels is one of his favorite leisure time activities and he mentions that he fancies books of Robert Ludlum and Sidney Sheldon as well. Besides that, he has a special interest for vehicles, especially for bikes.

Rodrigo Duterte is a remarkable personality, a philanthropist who is now the president of Philippine. He is the leader who was able to transform the transgression filled city, Davao, into a peaceful city, which is now considered to be one of the safest cities in the whole of the nation.  Thus, with his courage and strength continues to serve the nation as an advocate for human rights.