Learn The Thin Line Between Optimism And Impracticality

Learn The Thin Line Between Optimism And Impracticality

Learn The Thin Line Between Optimism And Impracticality

We all know about the famous half-empty or half-filled glass experiment and that the person who sees the glass half-filled is an optimist. Optimism has become a universally accepted concept and we all unitedly agree that we should be optimistic in every facet of our life. No matter how difficult things get, always be positive and believe that you will achieve your goals - whether it is about getting that dream job, fixing a broken relationship or buying that million-dollar house.  

Often when things don’t go our way, we lose hope and start feeling pessimistic. But, you know what, sometimes, it is fine. Being positive and optimistic is not always the best thing to do, and more often than you think, it could be highly impractical. Wondering how? Well, read on.

How can Optimism Turn into Impracticality?

how can optimism turn intoimpracticality

Tips To Achieve Your Goals

Sometimes, we hold on to our goals and continue being positive about them and fail to see the truth or accept the reality. We find it difficult to let go of our goals however impractical. However, we must realize that sometimes pulling out is the best way forward.

Here are a few things that will help you decide better.

Is Your Goal Possible To Achieve?

is your goal possible to achieve

Set Smart Goals In Life

The most important thing is to know that your goal is within the realm of possibility. You do not want to work hard to attain something that is unattainable and unrealistic.

Is Your Body Ready For It?

is your body ready for it

Lessons From A Fitness Entrepreneur

Your physical strength should be able to endure all the challenges and hardships you might encounter along the way. If your goal is to climb Mt.Everest, then it would require a lot more from you than just optimism.  

Do You Have The Required Skills?


Problem Solving Skills

Are you skilled enough to achieve this goal? If there is something you are working at and facing competition, do you think you would still win? If you realize others are more skilled than you are, then there’s no reason you for you to win. So, first analyze yourself – be as harsh as possible, and if you think you should upskill yourself, do it. You can then be optimistic about your success.

Do You Really Know Why You Want To Achieve That Goal?

why you want to achieve that goal

Steps To Achieving A Goal

Sometimes you just want something without apprehending the reasoning behind your desire. However, before you decide to be optimistic about it, it is extremely important that you fully understand why you want to achieve your goal. So, if you do not have a proper answer to that, do yourself a favor and quit.

Are You Still In It Because You Have Been Trying For Too Long?

you have been trying for too long

Attain Your Goals

Often, you keep trying for something because you’ve invested too much time in it and if you quit now, people will call you a loser. Two things to remember here- what people think of you doesn’t matter and secondly, spending more time on a goal only because you have already spent a considerable amount of time on it, is being dumb.

Is It Still Relevant?

is it still relevant

Stay Resilient In Your Life

The goal which was relevant to you a few years ago may not be as relevant today. Your life would have been different then and your priorities might have changed now.

Are You Missing Out On Something Better?

are you missing out on something better

Tips For Recovery

When you are too busy aiming at something for too long, you might not see better opportunities around you. Also, your desires might take precedence over other important things in life such as your family and friends. Be aware of the world around you. Perhaps, what you’re being so much optimistic about is not worth losing everything else you have.

Learn To Let Go…

let go girl

Change The Way You Think

If you answered affirmatively to any of the reasons above, then it is a sign that you should reconsider. It is good to focus all your energy and efforts on your goal, and be completely optimistic about it. But do it only if your goal is realistic, you have what it takes, and you truly believe you can achieve it. Learn the thin line between optimism and impracticality, and let go when you should. You’ll be much happier!