What Malcolm Gladwell Thinks Entrepreneurs Need to Learn from Underdogs

What Malcolm Gladwell Thinks Entrepreneurs Need to Learn from Underdogs

What Malcolm Gladwell Thinks Entrepreneurs Need to Learn from Underdogs

Underdog is a person who has a very less chances of winning in the contests of fights; he is the one who is considered to have less status in the society. Most people think an underdog is weak and is like a liability to a company but no one is useless in this world. Everyone has something special in them and due to the spark in their heart they shine out bright. The only thing is that you need to know what ignites your heart with passion. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s new book “David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants, an underdog has numerous abilities from which all the entrepreneurs should learn and understand.

The Underdog has the Ability to Work on Anything Given to Them


The underdogs are given numerous types of topics to work on, their work in not fixed. They have the ability to work on anything they are given. The varied enterprises should learn this ability from the underdog to never lose hope on him and work on all the things provided to him. The industries, enterprises all have to deal with new factors in relation to work every now and then. Through learning this ability from the underdog, the companies can benefit them in an escalated manner. The ability of an underdog should not be underrated or discriminated. 

The Underdog has Flexible Nature

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The enterprises should always be of flexible nature so that they can handle and tackle any type of problems and issues they face. In this situation, an underdog is the most perfect person to handle such issues and this is what the industry’s work system needs to learn from the underdog. They are compelled to do those tasks which they never thought of doing. Still, they never give up and complete it. Learning this supremely important ability is extremely beneficial for all the companies ad entrepreneurs.

They have the Upper hand

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It is always considered that the underdog has no chance in defeat their opponents or winning any contest or fight. But it is also observed that if they have confident in them and fight with all of what they have got then they would never lose. This is what the entrepreneurs need to learn as well from the underdog. The strength of an underdog is not at all low or less than others, it is just that the society de- motivates them all the time due to which they are unable to show their full strength, and now this needs to be stopped as now people understand the abilities of the underdog.

Making Weakness into Strength

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If the underdog believes in him then he can do whatever he wants and desires, no matter how the circumstances may be. It is high time to transform the ‘weaknesses into ‘strength’. This can only be done if you believe in yourself and trust your abilities. Today the time has changed, so the fixed mind-set of people needs to change as well. The enterprises must learn these abilities from the underdog.