Self-made Billionaires: Learn How They Started?

Self-made Billionaires: Learn How They Started?

Self-made Billionaires: Learn How They Started?

Being a billionaire is the dream of almost everybody but not everyone becomes a billionaire. But maybe by discovering these little secrets, you may just end up being a self made billionaire.

1. Innovating


Make innovation your best friend. The primal step to becoming a self made billionaire is to have an innovative idea, an idea which lures numerous investors and customers to your small business. The idea should beat the current competition and help numerous people. When the customers will get what they always desired, they will give you business in return. The best example of this is Google. When the Google search engine came into existence, it had varied innovative ideas, which attracted numerous people towards it. Its technology was userfriendly and very effective. The Google search engine is number one because of its innovative and consumer-oriented practices.

2. No Fear of Competition

fear of success

You should never fear competition and instead focus on developing new innovative ideas to your business. The concentration should be on improvising the current product to make it something better. Bill Gates never feared competition. He believed in himself and his abilities, because of which he is a very very successful businessman.

3. Develop a Sense of Good Ideas

develop a sense of goodideas

Burgeoning innovative and creative ideas is what leads to one becoming a billionaire. There are numerous business in the world, but only a few are able to become billionaires. It is important to focus on your passion and have specialised knowledge in your field, and based on this, create sound ideas. 

4. Gaining Perfection and Excellence

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For becoming successful, the first thing is having excellent knowledge of the field in which you are working. The latest trends and technologies should always be kept as priority. You need to introduce international standards to your business. Li-Ka-Singh worked in a plastic factory as a salesman. His father died and he dropped out of school. The education he had was limited and he had to work hard to make two ends meet. He faced many hurdles but continued to work towards his goals. He perfected the business practices concerning the product, purchase, quality, marketing, and sales and hence he became a top salesman.

5. Focus on Quality not on Earning Profits

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If you desire to be a billionaire then you need to think like them, don’t run after money, instead create something impressive and innovative that would appeal to the consumers. The money will flow in automatically. Always have clear focus on the superior products and make them perfect. The main criterion is that the wealth you will earn will be the result of what help you actually give to the customers.

Innovation, dedication, hard work and passion with a heart that “believes” in him/her, are the main secrets and key towards becoming a self made billionaire.