Scientific Link between Rhythm Musicians and Unique Intelligence

Scientific Link between Rhythm Musicians and Unique Intelligence

Scientific Link between Rhythm Musicians and Unique Intelligence

It is a little-known fact that the famous scientist Albert Einstein loved playing the violin. He started developing a love for playing it even at an age of 6. It is amazing to know that by the time he was 13 he could play Mozart's sonatas comfortably.

There have been many studies conducted by different scientists to prove this fact. A study made by the Children's hospital, Boston, shows that children's, as well as adult's cognitive abilities, can be enhanced by learning to play any musical instrument, especially drums. If you start honing  your ability to play the drums you will turn out to be a whip-smart.


But, what makes a drummer more intelligent than others? It is a sad fact that the drummers are the object of ridicule in any music band. People scoff at the drummers without understanding the fact that they are more intelligent than others.

They have an ability to change those around them. They have analytical or problem- solving skills which are not there with those people who don't play the drums. Still, I am confused! What could be the probable reason for this? Let us exchange views on why scientists have come up with such a finding.

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This fact has been proven in a study made by Karolinska Institute, one of the universities in Stockholm. The researchers made the drummers play different beats and had them answer a set of  questions which substantiated the fact that they are more intelligent and smarter than non-musicians. It was also found out that a  beginner's  intelligence is lower than the one who is an adept in playing the drums. Finally, the result showed that John Bonam had a gift of high intellect. Those who fared well in this test had a steady sense of beat.


Another incredible fact is that the drummers can pass on the intelligence to others around them. When you get exposed to steady beats, your cognitive skills will improve and helps you to be intelligent. Even children's intelligence can be improved by making them listen to rhythmic beats. This fact has been proved by one professor  of psychology at the university of Washington and one professor at the University of Texas, medical branch. They both have used rhythmic light and sound therapy to bring about a total makeover. This actually helped the children improve their grades!

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Great  is the effects of rhythm on the listener's mind. It is found that when the drummers play the drums together their happiness grew two- fold and it was found that the happiness was contagious. It made the people near them also glad. It is interesting to note that their pain tolerance level also increased. In other words, mental strength and the ability to endure pain increased enormously.

In short, it can be concluded that the people who are drummers are quirky and have a distinctive intelligence, unlike non- musicians. There is a perfect correlation between rhythm and intelligence. They can use their sense of keeping the rhythmic timing to influence others positively. But non- musicians lack all these abilities which make drummers better persons!