15 Powerful Questions That Will Change The Way You Think

15 Powerful Questions That Will Change The Way You Think

15 Powerful Questions That Will Change The Way You Think

We’re often seeking ways to change our lives for the better. Are we really taking pride in what we’re currently doing? These questions force us to think. Until now you’ve had a certain pattern of analyzing your life, but these questions will make you change your outlook completely.

15 Questions that will force you to think differently:

1. What’s your Mastermind alliance like?

whats your mastermind alliance like

Decode Your Mind

We are influenced by the people we interact with. Hence, its essential to interact with people who emit happiness and good energy. Mastermind alliance is the group of people you surround yourself with. Are they bringing in a spectrum of accumulated wisdom and good energy in your life?

2. Do you have a goal card?

goal card

Set Smart Goals

Do you have a goal card that reflects your short-term, long-term personal and professional goal pursuits? If you don’t, then its time to make one today and embark on an ambitious journey.

3. Are you blessing your money?


Positive Affirmations for Money

When you bless your money before you give it to others, bless it to come back to you in a million ways, it certainly will. The universe is conspiring to make your dreams come true, so why not dream of becoming a millionaire?

4. Do you have a library of inspirational books?

inspirational  books

Self Improvement Books

Personality development Guru, Robin Sharma insists that people should build a library of heroic books, a library that inspires you to live completely and motivates you to work towards a more profound life. So check out the kind of books you have, and if they have a profound impact on your life and aspire you to live completely and deliberately?

5. Can you cultivate a new habit today?


7 Effective Habits

We are all blessed with abundant potential that is waiting to be explored; yet most of us choose to spend a part of our lives watching television or sleeping during the day. Cultivating new habits and developing talents will not only be rewarding, but will also give your life a new meaning. You love being a couch potato, but ask yourself if you’re willing to cultivate a new habit today? And if not, what’s stopping you?

6. Do You have Certain Habits that will give you a Good Start in the Morning?

morning habits

4 Powerful Habits 

The secret to staying fresh all day is not that bottle of cologne, but a morning ritual where you exercise and release happiness hormones and gift yourself bouts of energy to keep you going throughout the day. How well are you taking care of your physical poise? Mornings are the best time to exercise, as this fosters tremendous energy throughout the day.

7. What is the Importance of Spirituality?


Positive Spiritual Affirmations

Spirituality basically helps you deal with the volcano within you. If you aren’t meditating, you’re paving the way for bigger volcanoes to disrupt your life. Without concentration, you cannot live a fuller life. Ask yourself if you’re willing to gift yourself this abundance of peace?

8. Do you have Family time-offs?

do you have family time offs

Maintain Healthy Relationships

We love our families. The family is our support system. Spending time with them eases out the biggest problems by letting us savor special moments of happiness. Do you have a family ritual where you cut yourself out from work and purely devote it to your family?

9. How well have you honored your past?


Rewards & Recognition Done Right

Your past is history and you can do nothing to change it. Ask yourself if you are still brooding over what has happened or if you’re focusing on how you can change the time that is yet to come?

10. Do you acknowledge the love you receive?

accept love

What is Acceptance

Love comes in many forms. Most of us wait for our loved ones to say those three magical words. But trust me, your near and dear ones maybe expressing their love in different ways, which you may be overlooking. How many times have you appreciated your near ones and told them you love them? Do you recognize and appreciate the people who love you?

11. What psychs you out?


Overcome Stress

Most of us are well aware of our tolerance limits and what manages to irritate us. If you know what stress you out, make the effort to get rid of it, so you focus on what gives you happiness.

12. Are you a sour loser?


Maintain Positive Attitude

Most of us suck up to failures and set-up a chain reaction. If you fear losing, have you made the necessary changes to avoid future loses? Don’t be a sour loser and dwell on set-backs. Stand up and take charge.

13. Where would you like to spend some peaceful moments?

peaceful moments

Have a Peaceful Mind

We all have our own spots where we find peace, solace and draw good energy. Finding your place of solitude will not only help you reflect on your life, but also give you time to calm your inner self.

14. What do you picture yourself as?

self pictures

 Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Do you have a vision of what you would like yourself to be? Do you envision yourself as becoming someone better, more successful or more loving, or whatever you want to be. If so, then picture your current self and make amendments accordingly.

15. Are You Happy?

are you happy

Be Happy Every Single Day

This question is of prime importance. Are you really happy with how life is shaping and how you’re performing? If not, then how are you going to make it better?

These questions will definitely make you ponder and help you to change for the better.