I am a Difficult Boss and I Know It

There is a popular saying “ You can’t choose your parents nor can you choose your boss”. At some stage of our life, we’ve all had a Boss. Infact a boss can make or break one’s professional career. There are difficult bosses and good bosses too. The difficult boss is one who sets a negative tone by being unapproachable, overtly busy, and creating an unhealthy work environment. These managers in all likelihood will fail in their duties at some point because of these traits, but in the meantime, their employees have to deal with them.

A difficult boss may actually not be a bad guy, he may not be mean, controlling or a complete idiot either. It’s just his style of managing things that makes him unpopular.

1. A Difficult Boss is Not a Bad Boss


Difficulty is a word with many negative connotations. A difficult boss is same as a bad boss. A difficult boss will not shout obscenities at his team for the sake of it. He knows how to delegate and how to trust the right people. A difficult boss may be just the right leader to have if an employee wants to grow in his profession. A difficult boss pushes you into becoming the best version of yourself at work. It’s a leadership style that sits comfortably between an overbearing boss who will only excuse you from a meeting if you fall dead and the kind of boss whose team takes him for granted.

2. A Difficult Boss is Not a Mean Boss


A difficult boss does not want more from his team for his own gain. That kind of boss is a bad boss. Of course, he stands to benefit when his team excels. Wanting more from his team is about wanting them to grow. He believes in his team and knows they are good and honest people. But a difficult boss also knows that everyone at times needs an extra incentive to reach their potential. In fact, he needs that extra boost himself. When he sees his team working to reach its potential, he is inspired to also improve his performance and grow along with them.

Difficult bosses are not mean. When you receive praise from a difficult boss, it is, in fact, sincere and duly earned. It just feels better to know that when your boss tells you you’ve done a fantastic job, you actually did do a great job!

3. A Difficult Boss Wants More


As a difficult boss, he is not hard to please just because he likes being difficult. The reason that he demands more from his team is because he wants  them to excel and he knows they can perform better. He wants to help them grow and develop both professionally and personally.The principle is the same - You do not get what you do not ask for in life. He asks for more of my employees so that they give more. It is that simple.

4. A Difficult Boss Wants You to Grow


A difficult boss does not want more from his team for his own gain. That kind of boss is a bad boss. Of course, he stands to benefit when his team excels. Wanting more from his team is about wanting them to grow. He believes in his team and knows they are good and honest people. But a difficult boss also knows that everyone at times needs an extra incentive to reach their potential. In fact, he needs that extra boost himself. When he sees his team working to reach its potential, he is inspired to also improve his performance and grow along with them.

A difficult boss is infact a leadership trait, which very few individuals would possess. As a difficult boss, it is his priority is to steer his team into new heights with accelerated performances and to get the best out of his employees. He doesn’t shy away from being tough. He understands the potentials and values relationship and also knows the trick to get the best out of his team member.

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