7 Steps to Gain Motivation after Failure

7 Steps to Gain Motivation after Failure

7 Steps to Gain Motivation after Failure

"Fall Seven Times, Stand up Eight" says an old proverb. But is it really that easy to get right back on the horse after falling flat on your face? Well, the answer to that is, not really.

But here are 7 steps to gain motivation after a failure.

Step 1: Slow Your Roll

slow your roll

After experiencing a failure, it is best to start out on your road to reacquiring motivation by calming yourself down and ridding yourself of the feelings of grief, anxiety and other emotions that are currently swirling around in your head. Drink some coffee, watch some TV, go on a walk. Do anything that will allow you to prepare yourself to look back at the failure so that you can move forward.

Step 2: Think Positive

think positive

This may be difficult, but try to recall what happened with your failure and ask yourself. "How much did I really lose?" You're still around, right? You're still free to govern your own destiny, to blaze your own trails and all that jazz. Try to see that what happened to you is not an unbreakable wall, but rather, something which will test your mettle as you continue on the journey called life.

Step 3: Learn From Failure

learn from failure

A student's greatest master is a failure. That is a great mindset to have when you are in the face of a great defeat. After failing, you may see it as a blow that you will be unable to recover from. If that is what you are thinking, by the law of attraction, you probably will not recover.

But if you see the failure as a learning experience, if you analyze the events and see what you could have done better, what went out of your control, you will react better if a similar situation ever happens again.

Step 4: Forgive Yourself


You're only human, you make mistakes. Understand that, at times, mistakes and failures are unavoidable. Be brave and take it easy on yourself if you are not able to get it right the first time around. Dwelling on your mistakes and constantly pulling yourself down will demotivate you, so forgive yourself and that will help you get motivated to try again and succeed.

Step 5: Ask Help

ask for help

You are never truly alone, there are people in your life who can get you through this troubled time and give you advice on how to move forward. Ask a friend what they did if they were ever in the situation you're in, try to gain motivation from that.

Step 6: Learn From History

learn from history

To motivate yourself, why don't you try taking a look at history's greatest successes. There is something that they all share, and what would that be? Most, if not all of them, struggled with failure, constantly defied odds and strived to be the very best like no one ever was.

Edison failed several thousand times before making the lightbulb, Goodyear got arrested due to debt before he discovered the vulcanization of tires. Reading tales of great men who did great things will get you thinking that you can do it yourself.

Step 7: Moving Forward, Keep a List

keep a list

Try making a list of all your failures, all your attempts as you keep moving forward. In an anime I watched, a character would keep a journal of all his failures as he marked them as "experience"; this is a good practice that will keep you motivated as you step forward into the unknown.

Failure is a difficult thing to recover from, we may cry, we may lose hope, but there is always a way out of any despair. Hopefully, this list will help you get past that and motivate yourself to move forward in life.