5 Reasons Why Trump was so Popular During the Election Campaign

5 Reasons Why Trump was so Popular During the Election Campaign

5 Reasons Why Trump was so Popular During the Election Campaign

A majority of world's population is shocked at the unanticipated victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election. Though most of the people, the media, and the political experts had written him off, still the American citizens preferred him over Hillary Clinton as their next president.

As the campaign came to an end, he appealed to all Americans, including Democrats, Republicans, and independents to vote for him as he represents the much-needed change in American politics. You could dislike him but not ignore him and that made him quite popular.

Here are 5 reasons why Trump is very popular

1. His Simple Answers

trump simple answers

He has simple answers to any question and most often when he is wrong, he doesn’t appear so. His confidence, dynamism, facial expressions and straight forward answers appeal to a large section of voters. To deal with suspicion of Muslims, he suggests tracking them down in a database. If you dislike immigrants then build a wall. And people are willing to lap up simple solutions to problems faced by them.

2. A Successful Businessman and a New Entrant into Politics

trump business success

Some surveys have shown people dislike seasoned politicians and in such a scenario Trump is a new face. He has been a successful business and hosted TV shows. He is a man of success and never misses an opportunity to talk about his wealth and investments. Although elite, his position and views on issues have made him anti-elite and quite popular with media. They believe that he will be able to lead America out of its economic crisis.

3. He is Bold Enough and Provocative

trump provocative

Trump has shown a boldness which many people lack. Even his objectionable statements such as Mexican’s are rapists or the Muslim celebration in New Jersey after 9/11 did not bring down his popularity. His wrong statements haven’t been a cause for any fall in his popularity ratings. The pent up frustration among voters with the status quo has enabled him to win their hearts with his often provocative stand.

4. Knows the Pulse of the People

trump knows pulse of people

Being a former Reality TV host, Trump knows what goes well with the audiences and delivers what they want. His long presence on TV has endured an image with the voters. He speaks in such a manner that even a fourth-grade student can understand. That makes a huge difference in a country where the conventional method used by politicians is to make any topic a bit complex. He makes promises that may not work but he isn’t bothered.

He takes a dig at his opponents from time to time and never misses an opportunity to hit them hard.

5. His Anti-immigrant Policy

trump immigration plan

He touched a chord with not only Republicans but a large body of independents with his stand against illegal immigration in America. Americans are really worried about the loss of jobs due to outsourcing and believe Trump would put an end to it. College grads haven’t been able to get jobs as they have to fight for the same jobs with immigrants. They have seen their family incomes drop in the past decade which makes Trump quite popular among a section of Americans. Many people agree with him when he says illegal immigrants and refugees must be deported from the country.

Trump’s campaign made a sea change in the way it was financed. He didn't ask people for money as he funded his own campaign. His policies and opinions won the confidence of independents who don’t like Clinton. Worried over terror attacks, Trump’s Narcissism in a way gives hope to Americans who want to remain less anxious on security threats.

And since Trump is the new US president now, let's hope that he changes the country for the betterment of its people in every aspect.