7 Ways of Attracting Positive Energy during Tough Times

7 Ways of Attracting Positive Energy during Tough Times

7 Ways of Attracting Positive Energy during Tough Times

When times are tough, it's hard to keep your head above water. There are ways to mitigate this, however. With a little creativity and preparation, you can weather the hard times and come out ahead.

Here are 7 ways of attracting positive energy during tough times.

1. Make a List of Things that You are Thankful for. Read it often!

list your success

Get a blank notebook or diary book from your local office supplier or bookstore. Try to write something in it everyday that you are thankful for. Just one thing a day when you remember to do so is fine. When you are feeling down, you can start the morning by reading your list. Sometimes we're down because we forget or take for granted the many blessings we enjoy in life.

Fight this tendency by making a list so that you can remember them when it's most important.

2. Always See Tough Times as a Challenge

tough times are challenging

Perspective is the key to defeating gloom when it seems like the whole world is against you. Take those rough times as a personal challenge. You against the world! With this attitude, such challenges can go from being a weight on your shoulders to being an adversary in front of you that you can defeat. A challenge is not a wall. It is a door that leads to strength of character.

3. Seek to Find What this Difficulty can Teach You

learn from difficulties

While you were busy trying to weather hard times, did you stop to take into account what you might learn from it? All of the challenges that have come before have made you the person that you are today and will make you the person you will be in the future. Learn as much as you can because these lessons are important.

When you think you have nothing, remember that you have your creativity and it grows fastest in times of need.

4. Find Something to Appreciate Immediately after Waking

appreciate after waking

A sunrise. The smell of your first cup of coffee. The sound of the rain or the mighty boom of the thunder. Never forget that ability so prized in childhood, the gift of wonder. You can find little scraps of happiness in things you take for granted. Pet your dog or cat and enjoy their appreciation. Kiss your mate on the cheek while they are sleeping.

When you start the day with appreciation, your troubles will have a harder time sinking their teeth into you.

5. Exercise out the Stress

exercise for stressout

Exercise, especially in the morning, leaves you with a dull ache and an energetic glow that lasts the entire day. It also improves your body and overall stamina. When you have too much on your mind, consider exercise as a way of working through it. Put a good soundtrack on your mp3 player and get an hour's workout at least twice a week and you will feel the results. Guaranteed.

6. Joke a Day


This is the age of information. Get on the internet in the morning and google 'funny jokes'. Some websites even have 'joke a day' mailing lists that you can subscribe to. Laughter in the morning can change your daily attitude and outlook. A standup comedy in the morning can produce the same effect but save your favorite comedians for the darkest days so that you don't burn through their routines too quickly.

Laugh the dark away and greet the irony in hard times with an amused smile.

7. Quality Time with Loved Ones

joke a day

Too many people forget this. If you have someone special, either a mate or a best friend, then try to spend more time with them when times are hard. Having someone close who knows you means that you can vent or ignore your problems completely in their presence. It also strengthens your bonds, so don't forget to spend some time with the ones that are important to you.

Well, there you have it! 7 ways of attracting positive energy during tough times. What are your favorite methods? We hope that you will keep these tips in mind when times get hard. Know that the only guarantee in life is CHANGE, so those hard times are guaranteed to fade. Be strong, prepare yourself with these tips and fight your way back to the good times!